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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 2135
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1406 2008-05-11 THE PRAYERS OF LITTLE CHILDREN Messiah told us we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven - Most of us never apply the secrets of little children to our relationship with God - Discover the profound, the simple, the surprising, the often humorous, the radical, the revolutionary spiritual secrets hidden in the actual prayers of little children.
1405 2008-05-09 SPIRITUAL MATURITY & THE TOY CHEST It's not enough to "be saved" - Being saved means growing up to maturity - Discover the reasons many believers never grow up to become the mature person God has called them to - and the keys to breaking free & growing up to spiritual adulthood.
1404 2008-05-04 STRAIGHT GATE Messiah called salvation the "Straight Gate" - What this really means and the treasure of revelations hidden inside.
1403 2008-05-02 The Secrets of Heavenly Bowling Yes, that’s right. Heavenly revelations, spiritual secrets, and biblical keys to living a victorious life - from the bowling alley.
1402 2008-04-25 THE CHILD OF EDEN I: THE CHILD OF EDEN MYSTERIES I Enter the Garden of Eden to uncover one of the most awesome and beautiful of cosmic mysteries - that of the child of Eden!
1401 2008-04-20 WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! Enter the exciting world of the Book of Acts - as the disciples uncover the lost disciples who had no idea what was happening!
1400 2008-04-18 THE GREAT PASSOVER CELEBRATION SEDER Experience the seder, the depth and richness of its meaning, and how it all points to Messiah.
1399 2008-04-13 THE PASSOVER MYSTERIES Learn the deep, awesome, and wonderful mysteries of Passover, the center of both the Old and New Covenant, the Day of the Lamb, the Day of Messiah and our Salvation.
1398 2008-04-11 INTO THE TENT OF MEETING God gave Israel a place in which His glory would dwell on earth and man could enter into it - The Tent of Meeting - God gives you the same thing - Discover how to enter the Tent of Meeting in your life and dwell in the true presence and glory of God!
1397 2008-04-06 THE MYSTERY OF NISAN 1 There's only one New Year given by God - It's not January 1, it's not even Rosh Hashannah in September - It's Nisan 1. Discover the mystery of this day that's been missed for 2000 years - from Ezekiel, Ezra, Daniel, Moses, the Day of Redemption, the Birth of Messiah, the Millennial Temple, the Tabernacle, and the power to live in the Newness of Life!
1396 2008-04-04 FAITHFUL ARE THE WOUNDS We all deal with hurt, wounds, and scars from people, our past, and events of our life – Learn the blessing and the purpose of all these things – How God uses them and how you can use them to turn them from a curse into blessing, healing and joy
1395 2008-03-30 THE SEVEN DAYS OF THE NEW CREATION: THE CONCLUSION God's plans for your life is hidden in the mystery of Genesis - Discover how each of the 7 days of creation hold the key to God's plan for your life.
1394 2008-03-28 HOW TO WALK ON WATER Messiah calls His disciples to take part of miracles, even miracles that go against the laws of physics - How to walk on the water!
1393 2008-03-23 THE DAY OF NEW BEGINNINGS Another historic moment & recording - This is the first Sunday morning service in the Jerusalem Center, recorded live - & it happened to be Resurrection Sunday - the mystery of the Bridegroom's House, the Resheet, the First Fruit, the Logos, the New Creation, the End-Times, and the Beginning of the new work of the Latter Day Glory.
1392 2008-03-21 A DAY OF DAYS! An historic moment and recording - This is the very first service in the Jerusalem Center, recorded live - Jonathan & the congregation only got word of the building a day before the service - They rushed to prepare it, get the word out, & the next night people came from all over - On top of that it was Messiah's Sabbath, Good Friday, Purim, and one of the most spiritually charged days- a convergence of days even noted in Time magazine! A historic and prophetic moment!
1391 2008-03-16 BRINGING MESSIAH TO JERUSALEM One of the high honors and privileges of being Messiah's disciple is to take part in His supernatural purposes - to fulfill God's plan for the world - How to be part of history and prophecy, how to change your life, your home, and the world - Note this is a special message, not only that it was Palm Sunday, but that it was the last service in our temporary location - getting ready to enter the Jerusalem Center!
1390 2008-03-14 THE HARVEST OF HEAVEN AND HELL You've heard of the harvest and the sower - but there's more - There are actually two kinds of seeds, two sowers, and two harvests, and that explains everything from the gospel, the end-times, the mystery of evil, cults, secularism, the Book of Revelation, the Judgement, and eternity.
1389 2008-03-09 YOUR CALLING & HOW TO RISE TO IT God gave Esther a calling on her life, from the moment she was conceived, waiting to be fulfilled - So too with you - How to rise to appointed calling with 8 specific keys as revealed in the Book of Esther (The conclusion of Your Calling & How Not To Miss It.)
1388 2008-03-07 YOUR CALLING & HOW NOT TO MISS IT Esther had a choice - rise to her calling or God's purposes would be accomplished through someone else - You have a calling, you can miss it, forfeit, or rise to it, even if you've missed it so far - How not to miss the calling God has for your life.
1387 2008-03-02 THE JOY OF THE BATTLE As the people of God, we're called to fight, and not only fight, but embrace the fight and get into the joy of the battle- from David, to the armies of Israel, to Paul and first believers in the Book of Acts - and even up to today - the reason why the victorious believer must get into the joy of the battle - Includes the story of the Orthodox festival & a very dramatic conclusion with exciting news.
Records 761 to 780 of 2135
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