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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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1418 0000-00-00 THE MYSTERY OF THE BEN ADOM: THE CHILD OF EDEN MYSTERIES II The fascinating second installment of "The Child of Eden Mysteries" - The Serpent, the child, the war of Eden as revealed in Messiah's life on earth as the Ben Adom, "The Son of Adam".
1417 2008-07-03 THE MYSTERY OF THE BEIT AHARON - MESSIAH CONFERENCE 2008 (The Mystery of the Latter House) Recorded live from the great auditorium at the Messiah Conference - Jonathan relays the dramatic and amazing account of what God did in the midst of ministry before the Messianic movement, and with it, an end-time puzzle, the Latter House of Haggai 2, woven together into a prophetic message for the end-time believer, the end of the age, and the glory of the last days - and a message from the Lord of encouragement to fulfill your calling and destiny (an hour and a half & includes clip of Israel's birth with prophecy).
1416 2008-06-29 THE AMERICAN PROPHECIES Hidden at the foundation of American civilization, God gave prophetic warnings from the time of the Puritans to the first day of the American nation. Prophecies and warnings that are of the most critical importance right now.
1415 2008-06-22 THE ISAAC - REBEKAH WEDDING MYSTERY I Discover the beautiful mystery of the first and only full wedding account given in the Bibe - from the Hebrew Marriage, to the Church, to our Marriage to God, to Abundant Life, to the Spirit, to the End-Times, to the Mystery of Life!
1414 2008-06-15 ORPHANS OF THE FATHER We live in an Orphan World, with an orphan past, and an orphan heart - Even in the Lord, we often never receive what God has for us because of deep orphanhood of Spirit - How to stop living, thinking, and believing as an orphan and how to start living as the beloved child of God he created you to be - A powerful message for inner change, healing & victory in your life.
1413 2008-06-13 COUNTER STRATEGIES: THE STRATEGIES OF WARFARE IV You're in a fight and warfare whether you know it or not - God wants us to fight to win - From the books and strategies of earthly warfare - taken into the heavenly realm - Learn the strategies and secrets of winning your battles and overcoming in spiritual warfare.
1412 2008-06-08 THE ANOINTING & LATTER GLORY From the anointing of the high priest, to David, to Messiah, to us - What is the anointing really all about? What anointing does God have for your life? And how to fulfill it - Plus a special prophetic word for the building of the latter house! (Feast of Shavout 2008
1411 2008-06-06 THE MOVINGS OF THE SPIRIT There are as many ideas about the Holy Spirit as there are congregations - What really is the power, the work, and the moving of the Spirit - Explore the mystery of the Spirit from Genesis to Ezekiel to Messiah to the Day of Pentecost and uncover the true meaning of the Spirit's moving in your life. (Feast of Shavout 2008)
1410 2008-06-01 A TIME TO GIVE THANKS Taken from a special prayer service right after a major victory in the ministry, and right before the work of building was about to commence - Jonathan gives a message on the crucial need we have to give thanks to God, and then goes into a time in God's presence - Ezra, Psalms, The Ten Lepers.
1409 2008-05-25 HA DERECH: THE WAY Long before the faith was ever called Christianity - it was called "The Derech" - The first, most original name to what we have a part in - Discover the rich revelations hidden in this most ancient name for our faith!
1408 2008-05-23 THE HONEYCOMB SECRET One of the most important secrets of overcoming sin, breaking old habits, changing your course, living in the new, and the power of living a life of overcoming. An ancient life-changing secret.
1407 2008-05-18 THE RESURRECTION OF ZION The amazing moving of God's hand in bringing about the resurrection of Israel - from Ezekiel and Jeremiah to Mark Twain, Theodore Herzl, General Allenby, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, and much more - An amazing story ( note the DVD has some very special extras including an amazing clip).
1406 2008-05-11 THE PRAYERS OF LITTLE CHILDREN Messiah told us we must become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven - Most of us never apply the secrets of little children to our relationship with God - Discover the profound, the simple, the surprising, the often humorous, the radical, the revolutionary spiritual secrets hidden in the actual prayers of little children.
1405 2008-05-09 SPIRITUAL MATURITY & THE TOY CHEST It's not enough to "be saved" - Being saved means growing up to maturity - Discover the reasons many believers never grow up to become the mature person God has called them to - and the keys to breaking free & growing up to spiritual adulthood.
1404 2008-05-04 STRAIGHT GATE Messiah called salvation the "Straight Gate" - What this really means and the treasure of revelations hidden inside.
1403 2008-05-02 The Secrets of Heavenly Bowling Yes, that’s right. Heavenly revelations, spiritual secrets, and biblical keys to living a victorious life - from the bowling alley.
1402 2008-04-25 THE CHILD OF EDEN I: THE CHILD OF EDEN MYSTERIES I Enter the Garden of Eden to uncover one of the most awesome and beautiful of cosmic mysteries - that of the child of Eden!
1401 2008-04-20 WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW! Enter the exciting world of the Book of Acts - as the disciples uncover the lost disciples who had no idea what was happening!
1400 2008-04-18 THE GREAT PASSOVER CELEBRATION SEDER Experience the seder, the depth and richness of its meaning, and how it all points to Messiah.
1399 2008-04-13 THE PASSOVER MYSTERIES Learn the deep, awesome, and wonderful mysteries of Passover, the center of both the Old and New Covenant, the Day of the Lamb, the Day of Messiah and our Salvation.
Records 761 to 780 of 2146
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