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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 2121
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1392 2008-03-21 A DAY OF DAYS! An historic moment and recording - This is the very first service in the Jerusalem Center, recorded live - Jonathan & the congregation only got word of the building a day before the service - They rushed to prepare it, get the word out, & the next night people came from all over - On top of that it was Messiah's Sabbath, Good Friday, Purim, and one of the most spiritually charged days- a convergence of days even noted in Time magazine! A historic and prophetic moment!
1391 2008-03-16 BRINGING MESSIAH TO JERUSALEM One of the high honors and privileges of being Messiah's disciple is to take part in His supernatural purposes - to fulfill God's plan for the world - How to be part of history and prophecy, how to change your life, your home, and the world - Note this is a special message, not only that it was Palm Sunday, but that it was the last service in our temporary location - getting ready to enter the Jerusalem Center!
1390 2008-03-14 THE HARVEST OF HEAVEN AND HELL You've heard of the harvest and the sower - but there's more - There are actually two kinds of seeds, two sowers, and two harvests, and that explains everything from the gospel, the end-times, the mystery of evil, cults, secularism, the Book of Revelation, the Judgement, and eternity.
1389 2008-03-09 YOUR CALLING & HOW TO RISE TO IT God gave Esther a calling on her life, from the moment she was conceived, waiting to be fulfilled - So too with you - How to rise to appointed calling with 8 specific keys as revealed in the Book of Esther (The conclusion of Your Calling & How Not To Miss It.)
1388 2008-03-07 YOUR CALLING & HOW NOT TO MISS IT Esther had a choice - rise to her calling or God's purposes would be accomplished through someone else - You have a calling, you can miss it, forfeit, or rise to it, even if you've missed it so far - How not to miss the calling God has for your life.
1387 2008-03-02 THE JOY OF THE BATTLE As the people of God, we're called to fight, and not only fight, but embrace the fight and get into the joy of the battle- from David, to the armies of Israel, to Paul and first believers in the Book of Acts - and even up to today - the reason why the victorious believer must get into the joy of the battle - Includes the story of the Orthodox festival & a very dramatic conclusion with exciting news.
1386 2008-02-29 SPARROWS, SWALLOWS AND THE EMPTY CURSE We live in a cursed world, and a world filled with curses. - Are believers subject to curses? Curses of the occult? Of the past? Of others? How to successfully deal with any curse!
1385 2008-02-24 THE BEST The New Covenant is the Best Covenant and the Covenant of the Best, the Best Redeemer, the Best Salvation, the Best Promise, the Best Hope, the Best Calling, the Best Everything. But how do you live in it? How to live in the power of the Best?
1384 2008-02-17 BLUNDERS AND VICTORY: THE STRATEGIES OF WARFARE III Whether you realize it or not, you're in war. Explore the secrets of military history taken into the spiritual realm. To learn how to avoid the mistakes and experience the breakthrough and victory God has called you to.
1383 2008-02-15 THE MORIAH MIRACLE Upon the hills of Jerusalem the most awesome of things happened twice. Starting with a man and his son and ending with Messiah.
1382 2008-02-10 SERVANTS OF THE MOST HIGH You are called to be a servant of the Most High. The Promise, The Calling, The Challenge, The Warning, and The Blessing of fulfilling your ministry.
1381 2008-02-08 THE SACRED BATH The priests of Israel could not enter into their ministry until they first took part in the sacred bath. God has a calling on you life, but you may be hindered from fulfilling it because you haven't partaken of the sacred bath.
1380 2008-02-03 THE APOLLOS PRINCIPLE Journey into the exciting Book of Acts. As a man is discovering, ministering the gospel who has little idea what he's talking about. The truths, keys and promises for all of us who have llittle idea what we're doing!
1379 2008-02-01 THE JONAH SIGN One of the most controversial of prophecies. Was Messiah in the tomb for 3 24-hour days or not? What about the Jonah prophecy? How could He have died on Friday eve and rise on Sunday morning? The answers and the revelation.
1378 2008-01-27 WHO SHALL ASCEND AND THE KEYS TO REAL CHANGE The Lord has a plan for each of our lives and that plan is to ascend and rise to our calling. Learn 12 strategies for real change to be all God has called us to be.
1377 2008-01-25 THE ROAR OF LIONS More treasures from the book of Proverbs. Hedges, self-control, righteousness and the power to live as lions.
1376 2008-01-25 THE LIVING AND THE DEAD The power of messiah is the power of life - and if you're His disciple you have the same power. How to manifest the power of life in a world of death.
1375 2008-01-18 THE ENEMY'S BOOK OF WAR II: THE STRATEGIES OF WARFARE II You're in a war - learn the secrets of the war waged against you right now. And the secrets of overcoming; from military strategy to spiritual warfare.
1374 2007-01-06 THE PRIEST KING The mystery of Messiah, the branch ,the Two Houses, the Palace and the Temple, the infinite divide, and the revelation in the Priest-King after the order of Melchizedek.
1373 2008-01-04 ALTARS ON MORIAH From the crowning moment of Abraham's life, the lifting up of his son on Mount Moriah; to the Yitzhak sacrifice that we are all called to lift up - the one that can change our lives.
Records 761 to 780 of 2121
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