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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 2056
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1323 2007-05-25 THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS One of Messiah's least understood teachings and keys that affects everything from believers, to western civilization, to the end-times.
1322 2007-05-20 DUNAMIS! Messiah promised His believers that they would be clothed with power; but the real word is Dunamis! Discover the wonderful and powerful truths hidden in this word. It's dynamite!
1321 2007-05-18 THE WIND OF EZEKIEL A valley of dry bones and the wind of God. Discover some of the greatest secrets of living in the "Ruach Ha Kodesh". The Wind, the Breath, the Holy Spirit of God, hidden in the most amazing of visions.
1320 2007-05-13 THE INTIMATE ONE God is intimate, passionately intimate! The greatest people in the Bible had deeply close and personal relationships with God. Most believers never breakthrough to know true intimacy with God. A message and teaching to call you into true intimacy with the Intimate One!
1319 2007-04-29 AMERICA'S 400TH BIRTHDAY Four Hundred years ago this day, America was born as a cross was planted on the shores of Cape Henry and a prayer was uttered to dedicate the new civilization to the Lord's glory. Jonathan shares a message revealing the importance and significance of the day.
1318 2007-04-27 FORBIDDEN FRUITS & SLINKIES The advertising industry spends millions of dollars trying to come up with ways of convincing, drawing, leading, and manipulating it's target audience to get us to do what they desire. The enemy is also a salesman; from the Garden of Eden to the 21st Century. See the amazing connections between the tactics of advertising and the tactics of the enemy; and how to beat him.
1317 2007-04-22 MINISTERING IN THE HEAVENLIES It is written in the mystery filled Book of Hebrews, that Messiah ministered in the heavenlies. We are also given the power to live, to dwell, to serve, and to minister in the heavenlies. What does this mean? And how to do it.
1316 2007-04-15 SHOWERS OF BLESSING In the middle of a major storm sweeping the northeast, Jonathan speaks of how to live in the downpour of the Spirit, the true Spirit-filled life, opening the heavenlies, and dwelling in the showers of God's blessing.
1315 2007-04-13 THE AGE OF SHABBAT: THE SEVEN MILLENNIUM MYSTERY VI The mysterious, awesome, and fascinating Seven Millennium Mystery continues into the mysteries of the age to come in the Messianic Kingdom on earth.
1314 2007-04-08 THE TITANIC FACT & THE POWER OF X The Resurrection has been under attack from the very beginning and even up to the time of this message - when international headlines were made as the director of the Titanic claimed to have found a tomb that would disprove the resurrection, with the bones of Yeshua; Jonathan responds. Hear the amazingly powerful evidence, the truth, and the reality of the Resurrection - the power of X!
1313 2007-04-06 THE MYSTERY OF THE ROSH PINAH From the mystical Psalms of Passover, the mystery of the Rosh Pinah, Messiah the Alpha, Messiah the Omega, the Cornerstone of the Universe, the Day of the Capstone, the mystery of His death and resurrection hidden in the Rosh Pinah. A very deep, important, and cosmic message.
1312 2007-04-01 THE APOCALYPSE OF PALMS Hidden in the first coming of Messiah to Jerusalem, on what is known as “Palm Sunday,” is the mystery of the Second Coming. As the mystery of the first coming came together perfectly piece by piece, so the Second Coming, before our eyes. Hear as Jonathan reveals the amazing move of God’s hand upon the rebirth of Israel, Jerusalem, and much more - including the little Christian boy who became General of the British army, the mid-western failure who became President, and the dream of Messiah that Theodore Herzl, the founder of Israel, had as a boy.
1311 2007-03-30 PASSOVER SEDER 2007 & MESSAGE - "CLEANSED TO MOVE" The Biblical celebration of new beginnings and salvation. Includes a message from Jonathan about moving forward in the Lord.
1310 2007-03-18 THE VISION & THE POWER We journey on in the exciting world of the book of Acts, with the secrets of truly living victoriously. The vision the Lord gives to his children and the power in which to fulfill it.
1309 2007-03-09 APPLES OF GOLD Discover the spiritual, practical, and life-changing secrets from the Book of Proverbs.
1308 2007-03-04 THE MYSTERY OF THE BERAH The amazing ancient mystery that has been behind world events at the dawn of the 21st century. The amazing revelations from an ancient account of God's word that holds the key to Iraq, America, Israel, Saddam Hussein, President Bush, Desert Storm, Shock & Awe, and the global crisis of the Middle East.
1307 2007-03-02 THE COSMIC HAMAN One of the mysteries of Purim is that Haman is actually a revelation of the enemy of our souls. It will uncover the very key nature, strategies, and techniques of the enemy to make you fall, and the secret of overcoming him to victory.
1306 2007-02-25 THE HEBREW NATIONAL HOT DOG PRINCIPLE From the children of Israel to the High Priests, to every prophet and anyone ever called by God. There is a responsibility that goes with the calling God has given you. A mind-blowing revelation of all those called of the Lord and how to fulfill the great and high calling on your life.
1305 2007-02-23 THE PERFECT BOWLER Jonathan shares a cosmic secret he learned at the bowling alley - a radical Biblical key that can change your life, your circumstances, double your joy, your victory in God, and transform your identity into the saint God called you to be.....and improve your bowling score!!
1304 2007-02-18 THE INFINITY SOLUTION One of the most puzzling and controversial subjects is that of the Trinity. Most cults are separated on this issue, and believers have struggled with what appears to be a contradiction, or paradox, for millennia. Discover the fascinating answer that comes unexpectedly from the realm of infinity.
Records 761 to 780 of 2056
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