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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 1993
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1260 2006-06-09 THE COSMOS AND THE GOEL One of the most beautiful mysteries in the bible and least understood of the kinsman redeemer and of God Himself.
1259 2006-06-04 THE MAGDALENE FACTOR She has been the object of fascination and mystery for 2000 years. Viewed as a prostitute, a Saint, a woman of sensuality, and a woman of spiritualilty. From legend, law, and now the recently discovered Gnostic gospels to being the " The Holy Grail" of the DaVinci Code. Discover the true, beautiful,powerful mystery of the woman who's name was Miriam and who was known throughout the world as " The Magdalene".
1258 2006-06-02 THE CODE BREAKER How to break the code. The keys to discerning the truth from a lie. Applying this to the Da Vinci Code and anything else - The Gnostic Gospels, the manuscript evidence of the New Testament, and why the Bible is truth.
1257 2006-05-28 THE DA VINCI UNCODE The DaVinci Code: The Shocking Truth Behind Christianity! Mary Magdalene, The Leader of the Apostles? A Scandalous Relationship? Priory of Sion? Opus Dei? Gnostic Secret? What is Fact and what is Fiction? The DaVinci Code Claims, Controversy, and Mystery!
1256 2006-05-26 THE ILLEGAL MIRACLES Messiah's miracles were declared illegal by the people of His time. Learn the secret of performing the "Illegal" miracles, and how to break the laws of the enemy.
1255 2006-05-14 BUT I WILL NOT FORGET In an age where motherhood is denigrated and devalued. Jonathan shares the divine origins and mystery behind motherhood. A reflection of the gentle, warm, intimate, all surrounding, never ending, never dying, and never letting go Love of God.
1254 2006-05-07 Show Down on Mars Hill The very dramatic show down between the God of Israel and the gods of the nations, Jewish Apostles and the pagan world. Journey into the exciting world of the book of Acts and see what it reveals for us living as end-tme believers.
1253 2006-05-05 Aaron's Oil The priest was anointed with a sacred oil in order to fulfill the purposes of God and perform his works. So, also every child of God needs to receive the sacred oil of anointing in order to fulfill God's will for their lives and to perform the works He has in store. Learn how to receive the sacred oil.
1252 2006-04-30 The Other Blessed Virgins Mary has become known throughout the world as the "Blessed Virgn",but did you know that there are other blessed virging? In fact you might be one of them - Learn the secrets
1251 2006-04-28 Rising in Grace A "last minute message" - Jonathan was led to change the scheduled message to speak about one of the most important messages he could speak on. What's it's all about - coming back to the true meaning, essence, power,and miracle of the Grace of God. How to have your own personal revival
1250 2006-04-23 The Day of Man: The Seven Millennium Mystery IV The amazing Seven Millennium Muystery continues to the 6th day and age. The one that we actually live in and that is heading to it's conclusion. the awesome Day of Man!
1249 2006-04-21 The Fields of Goel The ancient law of the fields of the Goel - The Kinsman Reedemer and how it explains everything from the nation of Israel, the end-times and salvation.
1248 2006-04-16 Rasheet: The Beginning of Days The most amazing mysteries linking resurrection to the creation of the universe and the beginning of days - Awesome !
1247 2006-04-14 The Sixth Day Revelation Mystery The most amazing mysteries of the creation of man and the redemption of man from Eden the Messiah - Awesome !
1246 2006-04-09 The Nisan - Tishri Mystery There is a double fold mystery that runs throughout the bible from the story of Joseph, the account of Moses, the afikomen of Passover, and the sacred Hebrew calendar itself.It foreshadows the mystery of Messiah - How the spring and autumn of the Holy Year correspond to each other and reveal how the first coming foreshadows the second. A powerful revelation!
1245 2006-04-09 The Great Passover Seder Celebration Pt II The biblical celebration of New Beginnings and Salvation. Experience the same rich and ancient experience the disciples did on the night of the last supper!
1244 2006-04-07 The Great Passover Seder Celebration Pt I The Biblical Celebration of New Beginnings and Salvatiion. Experience the same rich and ancient experience the disciples did on the night of the last supper!
1243 2006-03-26 Provoked Enter the exciting Book of Acts as Paul enters Athens and sees the city full of idols and is stirred in his spirit. Learn the breakthroughs and miracles that take place when we also learn to be stirred in our spirits.
1242 2006-03-19 Indiana Jones & The Mystery Of Purim II The amazing mystery of Purim. From the sword of Amalek to the Spanish Inquisition,from the rise and fall fo nations to the striking down of Joseph Stalin, toe the amazing important connections of Saddam Hussein, and more. The hand of God from ancient times to the twentieth century, the Purim principle in world events- Amazing and Profound!
1241 2006-03-17 Indiana Jones & The Mystery of Purim I Jonathan gets deeper into one of the most fascinating mysteries of Purim. Frm Haman to Hitler, from the gallows to Nuremberg, from the sins of Haman to Julius Striker. An ancient mystery hidden by the ancient scribes of Israel and pointing to the twentieth century, and the Hebrew Holy Day that ended the Third Reich - Amazing Stuff! Better tha the Raiders of the Lost Arc and it's Real!
Records 761 to 780 of 1993
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