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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 2107
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1377 2008-01-25 THE ROAR OF LIONS More treasures from the book of Proverbs. Hedges, self-control, righteousness and the power to live as lions.
1376 2008-01-25 THE LIVING AND THE DEAD The power of messiah is the power of life - and if you're His disciple you have the same power. How to manifest the power of life in a world of death.
1375 2007-01-18 THE ENEMY'S BOOK OF WAR II: THE STRATEGIES OF WARFARE II You're in a war - learn the secrets of the war waged against you right now. And the secrets of overcoming; from military strategy to spiritual warfare.
1374 2007-01-06 THE PRIEST KING The mystery of Messiah, the branch ,the Two Houses, the Palace and the Temple, the infinite divide, and the revelation in the Priest-King after the order of Melchizedek.
1373 2008-01-04 ALTARS ON MORIAH From the crowning moment of Abraham's life, the lifting up of his son on Mount Moriah; to the Yitzhak sacrifice that we are all called to lift up - the one that can change our lives.
1372 2007-12-31 NEW YEAR'S EVE, 2007 YEAR IN REVIEW Jonathan gives a summary of some of the most significant events in Prophecy, World News, Israel, the Church, the Ministry , and the future.
1371 2007-12-24 THE MIRACULOUS LIFE From the parting of the Red Sea to the birth of Messiah to Elijah at Sinai, to Mannah in the desert. God is the God of miracles. But miracles are more than experiences. How to apprehend the miracle and live a miraculous life.
1370 2007-12-23 A.D.II Join Jonathan on a amazing Biblical treasure hunt to find the real time and day Messiah was born - from the Bethlehem clues to the Rabbinical writings, to the ancient Priestly Calendar, to the mystery of the Goel, to a mystery hidden in the wilderness of Sinai. A fascinating mystery filled with revelation and new revelations not in the original A.D. (Hint: it's not December 25!)
1369 2007-12-21 THE RABBIS' CHRISTMAS Though most rabbis would deny that there is anything Jewish about Christmas, their hidden writings reveal a different story. Discover what is hidden in the ancient Jewish writings, the Talmud, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Testament of Judah, even the mystical writings of the rabbis that reveal what the rabbis said about the first coming of Messiah and just how Jewish ( and rabbinical!) Christmas really is.
1368 2007-12-16 OVERCOMING THE STONES We all deal with rejection from childhood to now. It often has a major impact on our lives,even in the Lord. God's people in the Bible also dealt with rejection, even the apostles. And they overcame it. How to overcome rejection, wounds, hurts, holes in our lives and hearts, to find true fulfillment and completion.
1367 2007-12-14 BECOMING A ROYAL PRIEST We are told that each of us in Messiah are now part of a royal priesthood. We are as much priests as those in the Temple of Jerusalem
1366 2007-12-09 THE CONSECRATION Chanukah means dedication or consecration. The greatness of one's call and what God will do in one's life s directly proportionate to the nature and strength of one's consecration to God. From the priest of Israel to you. Learn the power of the consecration to fulfill your calling in the Lord.
1365 2007-12-07 THE UNBOWED Throughout the history of God's people, not bowing has been as important as bowing - from Daniel to Mordecai the the first believers. So it's crucial for the end-time believer to learn the power of being one of the "Unbowed"
1364 2007-12-02 BARNS AND NOBLES No, it’s not about the book store. It’s about your life – There’s a foolish way – and most follow it – But then there’s the other way - How to become truly rich, truly prosperous, truly abundant, and truly joyful – and have eternal riches on top of it. A very powerful parable from Messiah himself - rich men, barns, money, eternity, and the treasures of heaven.
1363 2007-11-30 THE STEPS OF MAN The Bible contains amazing promises - that our very footsteps are ordered and ordained by the Lord. What does that mean? God's leading, our choosing, predestination, free will and finding the will of God for our lives.
1362 2007-11-25 JOSHUA 1 The Lord gave a message to Joshua to get him to cross over the Jordan - A message for each and all of us - to cross our Jordan, fight our battle, and inherit the Promised land that awaits us.
1361 1900-01-01 POWER OF BIKOREEM One of the most powerful secrets of life and victory in God - from the fields of Israel, to the bikoreem, to the power of Messiah and your life.
1360 2007-11-11 THE ALIYAH MYSTERY The mystical journey up to Jerusalem - the 3 Aliyah of Israel - the Aliyah of the Last Days - of the Kingdom - and of our spiritual journey to God.
1358 2007-11-04 SECRETS OF THE SOWERS God wove the mystery of abundant life into the harvests of Israel - How to sow for blessing, life, salvation, prosperity and abundant life.
1357 2007-11-02 PLOUGH You may have heard of spiritual sowing and reaping – but have you ever heard the secrets of Spiritual Ploughing? Some of the most important & overlooked spiritual secrets that can revolutionize your walk & ready you for the high purposes of God.
Records 761 to 780 of 2107
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