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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
Records 761 to 780 of 1889
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1155 2005-01-21 THE PIPER'S SONG A lot of us grew up hearing the fairy tale of the Pied Piper of Hamlen. Messiah speaks of something similar. How we often follow, without knowing it, the piper's song of this world. How to identify where we may be being led, and how to break free.
1154 2005-01-16 MASTER BUILDING WITH NEHEMIAH The Book of Nehemiah contains some of the most important keys for healing, restoration, strengthening, and building up in the Lord. All these things can be and are meant to be applied to your own life for blessing. Find out the powerful and practical keys from this beautiful book of restoration.
1153 2005-01-14 WAVES AND ANCHORS Anyone who's lived long enough in the world knows life is filled with ups and downs, and with waves that can make us lose our balance and footing. How to deal successfully with the waves of this world.. the secret of becoming immovable, storm-proof, resistant to life's storm's, steadfast, and rock solid.
1152 2004-12-31 2004 : THE YEAR END PROPHECY Jonathan gives an end of year look at the significant events and developments of 2004 from The rise of The European Union, Gay Marriage, The Passion, and more.
1151 2004-12-26 THE TZEMACH The glorious mystery of The Tzemach - Messiah The Branch, The Dayspring, The Sunrise, The Springing Forth, The Netzer or Nazarene, and the Glory of Yeshua/Jesus The Messiah, upon the earth.
1150 2004-12-24 THE ALMAH & THE KHATAN The ancient controversy and mystery of The Almah of Isaiah 7:14 joined together with the mystery of The Khatan and culminating in Bethlehem. The Almah and The Khatan - The Virgin and The Bridegroom.
1149 2004-12-19 THE WISDOM OF BABES Messiah said we must be as little children. Some of the deepest and most profound revelations can only be found through the wisdom of babes. Learning the deep mysteries of simplicity.
1148 2004-12-17 THE HOLY DEBT It's important to get out of debt in life. But there is one debt that we're never to get out of, in fact it's the only debt that sets us free.
1147 2004-12-12 THE OLIVE, THE LAMP, & THE PROMISE A vision of a golden lamp stand, two Olive trees, and one of the most encouraging messages the Lord ever gave his people - The Lord's encouragement to you to complete your calling and move mountains - not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit.
1146 2004-12-10 SECRETS OF THE LIGHT The Bible says God is Light. Explore the fascinating mysteries of one of the most mysterious forces in the universe, and how it reveals the nature of God, and the secrets of walking in the light.
1145 2004-12-05 THE CIRCLE : THE PURPLE MYSTERY IV One of the most beautiful mysteries from the Bible from the colors of the Tabernacle to the garments of the Priest and the mystery of the Gospel. The conclusion of The Purple Mystery and the circle of salvation.
1144 2004-12-03 THE WISDOM OF FOOLS From Matthew 11. God takes the wisdom of the world and makes it foolishness -and takes the foolishness of the world and makes it wise. How to become wise - through the wisdom of fools and the foolishness of wisdom.
1143 2004-11-21 THE MACEDONIAN One of the most pivotal moments in the book of Acts. How world history was changed by a dream. How the Lord leads us, and lessons from the Book of Acts.
1142 2004-11-14 THE OMEGA OATH One of the mysteries of the Bible starting with Genesis, the amazing Omega Oath, the oath sworn by God, what it has to do with Messiah, and what it has to do with you. A profound oath.
1141 2004-11-07 OUT OF THE PERISPHERE You've heard of the atmosphere, the stratosphere, and the ionosphere, but the Lord wants to teach you of the Perisphere. Discover the realm in which most believers live their lives, where you may very well be living right now, and the great deception by which believers miss their calling, and how to get out of it.
1140 2004-10-31 CAST DOWN THE GODS The mysterious link between the deities of the world and the demonic realm, what you may be dealing with without even knowing it, and the power of the Lord has given you to cast down the gods.
1139 2004-10-22 THE YEHUDIM There's a special people in the Bible called the Yehudim. When you're born again you become one of them. What it means to be chosen. The true mystery of Jewish existence and how one becomes a true Hebrew.
1138 2004-10-17 THE GROWING UP GUIDE You can't just exist in the Lord. We must be growing up. So many believers live lives repeating the same things over and over again. How to break out of the rut, break through to higher levels, and attain the maturity that is waiting for you in the Lord. From the Book of Hebrews.
1137 2004-10-15 MORE THAN ME From the Gospel of Matthew, one of the most powerful statements Messiah ever made to His disciples, the greatest challenge and the ultimate test of where we are really at with our walks. Take the "More Than Me" test. It will transform your walk.
1136 2004-10-08 THE SPIRIT MIND There are many different minds mentioned in the New Testament, but none is as high and blessed as the Spirit Mind. How to develop and gain the Spirit Mind - how to revolutionize your thought life.
Records 761 to 780 of 1889
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