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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2387 2021-04-11 The High Priest Secret to Transforming Your Thought Life So much of your life is dependent on what happens in your thoughts.  Transform your thoughts and your life will be transformed.   Learn the ancient keys of transforming your thought-life from the holy place and the high priest of God
2386 2021-04-09 The Mysteries of The Fourth  Beast The prophet Daniel was given an amazing vision concerning world history, prophecy, and the end-times – The Four Creatures – It is the Fourth Creature that holds the mystery of our times. Don’t miss the opening of the mystery!
2385 The Anti-Mythological Redemption Starting from the myths and irrationalities of modern times, to the revival of pagan culture, to the pagan world that surrounded the Gospel, to the myths of the rising gods, to the power of the resurrection, to the real, historical, flesh and blood, time and space reality of the empty tomb, and the power to end the mythology in our own lives, and world, by the resurrection of Messiah – a powerful and prophetic message for our times.
2384 2021-04-02 The Mystery of The Lamb Jonathan opens up the most majestic and colossal of biblical mysteries – the mystery of the Lamb – from Genesis to Exodus to Isaiah to the Gospel of John to the Epistles and finally to the Book of Revelation – and then to each of us – amazing and divine!
2383 2021-03-28 Bring Him In! The mystery of Palm Sunday, the Day of the Lamb, and the key to living supernaturally in your walk, your life, your ministry, and to this world.
2382 2021-03-26 The Passover Communion Mystery Jonathan takes you through the Lord’s Passover and the Communion and opens up the deep, rich, and long-missed mysteries within them, the power of Messiah’s sacrifice and your salvation – powerful and beautiful.
2381 2021-03-21 The Reopening After the most dramatic and perilous year, a plague, violence, and the division of America, on the morning of Beth Israel’s reopening, Jonathan shares a powerful message to open up what really happened, where we are now, and what the future holds - historic, prophetic, and personal.
2329 2020-03-13 Lessons from the Plague Jonathan delivers a message at the very beginning of the Coronavirus coming America and the lockdown about to begin. Important and profound word for the times.
2328 2020-01-26 The Return This is the message Jonathan gave long before The Return: The National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance. It opens up the mystery of the Sacred Assembly and how it changed the course of America and world history - more than once - From Solomon to Lincoln to Reagan and to now.*(Note: This was shared before The Return - It's not the message he shared at The return).
2327 2020-03-08 The Power of Sackcloth Most believers and preachers stay away from it – But what if sackcloth and all its represents was the missing power of most believers – Learn the blessing of heavenly tears, the power, and the joy.
2326 2020-03-06 Esther's Choice & Your Calling The Book of Esther contains the matter of chance and destiny and the purpose and calling of your life – Learn the keys Esther how to find and full your calling and destiny.
2325 2020-03-01 The Master Blueprint of the End times! The amazing Jubilean mysteries now reveal what is yet to come, the secret of the end times, Israel, the church, and the World, and a secret meeting that triggered the end times, and the mystery of us. 
2324 2020-02-28 The Revelation of All Secrets! The Lord tells us of a day when all secrets will be revealed.  What does that mean for your life right now?  Learn to live on the rooftop.
2323 2020-02-16 Children of Thunder A condition that affects most believers: the choice between letters and spirits. Learn to live with a heart of God.
2322 2020-02-14 In the Shadow of the Tree A most beautiful mystery verse from the beautiful Song of Solomon – Open up the treasures hidden in the original language, treasures of the intimacy of the bride and groom, how to dwell in His shadow, and the sweetness of His presence.
2321 2020-02-09 End Time Chicken  Fast food and the end times – could the two things come together to give a prophetic revelation of what is taking place around every believer.  Discover the profound ramifications of end time chicken!
2320 2020-02-07 The Importance of Being Stiff-Necked We are told not to be stiff-necked.  Learn the secret that most believers miss and never apply - that the Lord applied all the time – It will change your life.
2319 2020-02-02 The Argument! Enter the Book of Acts to uncover the argument that changed the course of Paul’s life, the early church, and the world – And what it has to do with your life.
2318 2020-01-31 Direct Your Mind To The Highway Every believer deals with falling. But are there ways to avoid it happening?  And what do you do if you fall?  Learn the keys of averting, overcoming, and redeeming the fall – and the powerful keys from an ancient Scripture.
2317 2020-01-24 Secrets of the Mind II Before the battle is won in your life, it must be won in  your mind.  Learn the surprising truths from God’s word about your mind and transform your thought life.
Records 61 to 80 of 2342
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