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2419 2021-08-29 The Powers of the Spirit There are many ideas of what it means to live in the Spirit or be Spirit-filled - but what does the Bible say about living a Spirit-filled life? And what does it say about the powers of the Spirit? Discover what the true Spirit -filled life is and how to live it.
2418 2021-08-27 The Overwhelming God is the God of overwhelmingness. And to know Him is to be overwhelmed. What does it mean to be overwhelmed in God? Discover the power of overwhelming and what it has to do with the Jordan River and your life.
2417 2021-08-08 Stretch Forth Your Curtains! God is calling you to enlarge your vision, your walk, your faith, and your life. Discover the keys from one of the most unique Scriptures given by God to call us to greater things.
2416 2021-08-06 Like a Lion! One of the most overlooked dynamics of a powerful and victorious walk – Abraham had it, Moses had it, Ruth had it, Elijah had it, Paul had it, and so many more. It could be the missing puzzle piece for you to live a life of power.
2415 2021-08-01 The Devil's Flute What do flutes have to do with the enemy, and how does he use them against you? Discover how this may be influencing your life and your responses - and how to completely turn it around.
2414 2021-07-30 Opening the Prison Door We all deal with obstacles, setbacks, inabilities, frustrations, and barriers. We all want breakthrough and freedom. How do we find it? Find the keys from an ancient prison on how to break out!
2413 2021-07-25 The Priestly Key to Fulfilling Your Calling An ancient secret from the courts of the temple. A world-changing moment from the Book of Acts, and the specific key to unlock and fulfill your calling.
2412 2021-07-23 Beyond the Wilderness The world and the people of God have been in a wilderness of a plague, lockdowns, separation, and isolation. No matter what happens in the world, it’s time to say Goodbye to your wilderness. Learn the divine purposes and reasons for the wilderness in the Bible and in your life, and how to use them to gain victory, fulfillment, and blessing.
2411 2021-07-16 Jerubbaal Jonathan shares of the amazing discovery hidden for over three thousand years and what it has to do with our lives. The secret of Gideon, the opposite law of the kingdom, warring against the gods, breaking down the altar, the days of Gideon revisited, and what Jerubbaal means for such a time as this.
2410 2021-07-09 The Mattanot From the offerings and sacrifices of ancient Israel and the words of Leviticus, to Messiah’s atonement – a revelation that affects every part of your life and can change the way you live your life.
2409 2021-07-04 The American Free Fall On the Fourth of July, Jonathan shares a prophetic message - where we've been, where we are, and where we're heading. The prophetic warning embedded in America's foundation: the mystery of Parasha, the secret of Winthrop's Island, and where it is all heading.
2408 2021-07-02 The Veiled From an ancient prophecy of Isaiah to a hilltop village in Israel, to the mystery of the Hebrew marriage - a beautiful revelation that will shed light on your relationship with God.
2407 2021-06-27 Prince of Persia A mysterious principality who appeared in ancient times, the question of its appearance in modern times, even behind current events, and the revelation of what it has to do with your life, spiritual warfare, and attacks. What it reveals, and how to turn it all around for victory.
2406 2021-06-25 The Calling Man A man who appeard in a vision who changed the course of world history. How to be led, hear God's voice, and find God's will for your life.
2405 2021-06-20 The Abba A culture at war with fatherhood, and the amazing picture that God gives of the Father's heart to you, and the amazing revelation of the Abba. What the name of God has to do with you as a baby.
2404 2021-06-18 The Brightest It begins with a simple statement of Messiah - and it sums everything up. A measure that reveals where we're at with the Lord - and how to live a life worthy of the Most High. Our utmost for His highest.
2403 2021-06-13 The Anchored We've witnessed shakings that disrupted virtually every life, paralyzed the world, set cities on fire, changed governments, and ushered in an agenda that wars against God's people. Is there a way to stand strong and immoveable through it all? How to find it - and live it.
2402 2021-06-11 God By God It's one of the most powerful and radical truths of salvation and yet most believers have no idea - the most powerful promise, guarantee, confidence, assurance, and fact - And it can change your life.
2401 2021-06-06 Wise Men & Fools Scientist, philosophers, ideologues, and all the knowledge of the word vs. the wisdom of God.  Discover what it means for the times we live in and for your life – How to avoid foolishness and live in the wisdom of heaven. 
2400 2021-06-04 Daybreak  Hidden in the original language of the prophecies of Messiah is a single word that’s filled with an explosion of meaning and revelation.  Discover the word and what it has to do with your life.
Records 21 to 40 of 2334
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