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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2404 2021-06-18 The Brightest It begins with a simple statement of Messiah - and it sums everything up. A measure that reveals where we're at with the Lord - and how to live a life worthy of the Most High. Our utmost for His highest.
2403 2021-06-13 The Anchored We've witnessed shakings that disrupted virtually every life, paralyzed the world, set cities on fire, changed governments, and ushered in an agenda that wars against God's people. Is there a way to stand strong and immoveable through it all? How to find it - and live it.
2402 2021-06-11 God By God It's one of the most powerful and radical truths of salvation and yet most believers have no idea - the most powerful promise, guarantee, confidence, assurance, and fact - And it can change your life.
2401 2021-06-06 Wise Men & Fools Scientist, philosophers, ideologues, and all the knowledge of the word vs. the wisdom of God.  Discover what it means for the times we live in and for your life – How to avoid foolishness and live in the wisdom of heaven. 
2400 2021-06-04 Daybreak  Hidden in the original language of the prophecies of Messiah is a single word that’s filled with an explosion of meaning and revelation.  Discover the word and what it has to do with your life.
2399 2021-05-23 Power of The Heavenlies On the Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost, Jonathan opens up the mystery of the Aretz and Shamayim, the Heavens and the earth, and the power to live beyond limitations, an unlimited life.  A profound message with the power of transcendence and life-changing breakthrough.
2398 2021-05-21 The Anointed On the Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost Jonathan shares what the anointing really is, the true power of the Spirit, the specific, detailed, and unique anointing given to each believer, and the power to fulfill it.
2397 2021-05-16 The Israel Prophecy of Charles Spurgeon An amazing prophecy given by one of the most famous evangelists of the 19th century - that has come true in our time and what it reveals about the Word of God, how to treat it, how to use it, how to apply it for great power and breakthrough you may have never known  (Note – it’s also a special service with Prayer, Communion, and the Aaronic Blessing).
2396 2021-05-09 Israel's Birthday - And your Inheritance as a Spiritual Israelite It's on of the revelation of the New Testament. What does it mean that you are now a Spiritual Jew? What are your rights, your power, your calling and your inheritance?
2395 2021-05-09 The Unexpendable Mother Modern culture is increasingly waging a war against mothers and deeming motherhood as increasing expendable and replaceable – But it is not – Discover the divine, sacred, and cosmic meaning of motherhood as it relates to God, His love, and you.
2394 2021-05-07 The Toxic Word and How to Overcome It The enemy specializes is using toxic words to attack, wound, hinder, and even cripple your life - It may have already affected your life even right now.  How to recognize it and overcome it.
2393 2021-05-02 Intelligent Snakes and Blameless Birds One of the great challenges we have as believers is how to effectively deal with evil and the darkness of the world while, at the same time, staying undefiled, pure, and godly.  The answer from Messiah himself.
2392 2021-04-30 The Direction of Your Life We all seek direction for our lives.  As a disciple of Messiah, there is a specific direction for your life, you need to know – and another, you need to avoid – Discover it and it will lead you into His perfect will for your life.
2391 2021-04-25 Slaying Your Giant We all deal with giants.  For some, they come in the form of fears, obstacles, habits, temptations, bitterness, addictions, unbreakable bondages, and more.  But they can be slain.  Discover how to slay them once and for all.
2390 2021-04-23 Unlocking the Divine DNA It is this generation that has unlocked the genetic code – But there is another genetic code, not of this realm and not of flesh and blood – that can transform your life – Discover where to find it and how to you unlock its power.
2389 2021-04-18 The Stalker From the Book of Acts, what happens when you deal with occult forces, the paranormal, and spiritual warfare.  How to recognize it, deal with it, and overcome it in your life and in the world 
2388 2021-04-16 The Keys of Your Exodus One of the most important actions for a disciple – and powers – is the power of leaving – the power of exodus.  It can transform your life – from salvation to repentance, to freedom, and fulfilling your calling.  Find out how
2387 2021-04-11 The High Priest Secret to Transforming Your Thought Life So much of your life is dependent on what happens in your thoughts.  Transform your thoughts and your life will be transformed.   Learn the ancient keys of transforming your thought-life from the holy place and the high priest of God
2386 2021-04-09 The Mysteries of The Fourth  Beast The prophet Daniel was given an amazing vision concerning world history, prophecy, and the end-times – The Four Creatures – It is the Fourth Creature that holds the mystery of our times. Don’t miss the opening of the mystery!
2385 The Anti-Mythological Redemption Starting from the myths and irrationalities of modern times, to the revival of pagan culture, to the pagan world that surrounded the Gospel, to the myths of the rising gods, to the power of the resurrection, to the real, historical, flesh and blood, time and space reality of the empty tomb, and the power to end the mythology in our own lives, and world, by the resurrection of Messiah – a powerful and prophetic message for our times.
Records 21 to 40 of 2319
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