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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2248 2019-02-10 The Schemes Of The Snake. You're already dealing with it - you just might not realize it. What are the actual schemes that the enemy uses to hinder, stop, discourage, trick, ensnare, entrap, and defeat? Amazingly they follow the schemes of snakes. Discover what they are so you can overcome them and live in Victory.
2247 2019-02-08 The Smart Student's Guide to Passing Tests As a believer, you will be tested and will go through times of testing. You may be in a test right now. And you may not be passing it. What are the keys you need to pass every test to obtain victory and the blessing waiting for you when you do.
2246 2019-02-01 The Desert Warrior Creed - I Could The Bible contain the secret behind Mohammad, Islam, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaida, Hamas, 9/11, and so much else? It does. And it goes back almost 4000 years. Discover the secret.
2245 2019-01-18 Lord Of The Pits One of the richest, deepest, and awesome revelations of Messiah from the book of Genesis, the One who knows every hurt of every heart, and the power to heal it. And a Special Presentation from Rebecca Rudolf.
2244 2019-01-13 The Double Joy Scripture Everyone wants joy, happiness - But only God's Word reveals the way to live in a life of true joy. Learn the keys of the 'Double Joy' Scripture that will ensure both joy and fulfilling of your deepest desires.
2244 2019-01-04 WORDS FOR THE YEAR (& THE MAHASHABAH) Jonathan and the Pastors share Words for the year - Jonathan shares The Mahashabah.
2243 2019-01-11 A Year Of Fruitfulness What kind of year will this be for you. The Lord's will is that your life will be fruitful. Can you guarantee that you will be fruitful this year? You can! Learn the keys that will ensure that you have a year of fruitfulness.
2242 2019-01-06 WORD FOR THE YEAR - 2019 Jonathan shares a series of words he received for the year & then the word the year - for God’s people – Includes a very big Sign! And a prophetic message from Zechariah.
2241 2018-12-31 PROPHETIC UPDATE 2018-2019 Jonathan gives a prophetic update in the last hour of 2018 and getting ready for 2019 on the most prophetically significant events developments, trends, signs, warnings, discoveries, and end-time news – and what it means for the future.
2241 2018-12-31 PROPHETIC UPDATE 2018-2019 Jonathan gives a prophetic update in the last hour of 2018 and getting ready for 2019 on the most prophetically significant events developments, trends, signs, warnings, discoveries, and end-time news – and what it means for the future.
2240 2018-12-24 THE DAY THAT CHANGED TIME A homeless couple in the middle of nowhere and in the darkness of obscurity – and that event and that moment would become the most celebrated moment in human history, dividing time, remaking history, and changing the world – The amazing and ironic story of the day that changed time and the beautiful truths it reveals for your life
2239 2018-12-23 The Miracle Birth The Bible reveals a mystery – the entire world is in childbirth. What does the mystery have to do with Israel, with the world, and with you? Is it possible that you’re expecting? (even if you’re a man?) – What do you need to in the meantime? It can change your life.
2238 2018-12-21 The Gifted Life What happened at Bethlehem is not just an event to be celebrated. It is the giving of the Gift. But most never receive the Gift, and most believers never fully live in its power. How to truly receive the Gift, how to live in its power, and how to live the gifted life.
2237 2018-12-16 The Lost City The mystery that began with The Stranger continues - the Man with the measuring Line, the Man with the measuring Line, the Lost City, a three thousand year old mystery, and the marker of end times.
2236 2018-12-14 The Dark Angels Fury An ancient war that has taken place in virtually corner of the earth for thousands of years and moves world events to this day.
2235 2018-12-09 The Night Keys The Bible speaks of the end-times in terms of night. What happens if we open up the night Scriptures of God's Word? It turns out they contain the Keys to overcoming in the end-times, in our day, and the Keys to overcoming every problem, trouble, and "night" in your life.
2234 2018-12-07 Template of the End-Times Hanukah contains the most amazingly detailed revelation and template of the end-times. What does it reveal is happening right now? What are the Keys to overcome in the end-times no matter what? It's all there inside the Template the End-Times.
2233 2018-12-02 The Revelation of the Stones We are witnessing the most dramatic and massive transformation of civilization in world history. Discover a set of ancient stones reveal in stunning clarity what is taking place before our eyes.
2232 2018-11-30 Skyward If you are a child of God, you have been given a calling on your life. That calling is not natural but of heaven. What does it mean that there is a heavenly calling on your life - and how to fulfill it?
2231 2018-11-25 The Plurality of Heaven Heaven is the final mystery. Discover the revelations hidden in an ancient Hebrew word to tell us the true nature of that place we will dwell in forever and which we can experience even now.
2230 2018-11-23 Another Kind of Magi The disciples, an island Journey, a magician, a miracle, and the power God has given you to overcome.
2229 2018-11-18 Launching Out Enter the exciting world of the book of Acts at the moment of launching out - And the launching God has for your walk and life.
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