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2090 2017-01-13 YOUR SECRET PRIESTHOOD In ancient times, God separated the sons of Aaron to be His holy ministers. Discover the calling, the power, and the anointing you have as His secret priesthood.
2089 2017-01-08 WORD FOR THE YEAR 2017 Pastor Jonathan will be sharing several key words for the year to come – 2017.
2088 2017-01-01 THE ANOINTING What is the anointing? How does it work? What is the link between the anointing and your calling? What does it do? And how to live an anointed life
2087 2016-12-31 2016 TIME LAPSE On New Year’s Eve 2016-2017, Jonathan does a prophetic time lapse, of some of the most significant, events, stories, and developments to reveal in startling clarity where we are and where we are heading
2086 2016-12-25 THE SOVEREIGNS The curse that was upon the last king of ancient Israel and his sons, the underground royal line of David, the hidden mystery behind the coming together of Joseph and Mary, and the secrets from Bethlehem that reveal how you can live a royal life
2085 2016-12-24 THE TIME OF FULLNESS What is the playroma? And what does it mean when Paul wrote that Messiah came in “the fullness of time?” When did Messiah really come? And when does come now? Discover how to enter into the most sacred moment… the fullness of time.
2084 2016-12-23 A MAN CALLED IMMANUEL Isaiah prophesied that Messiah would be called ‘Immanuel’ – But what does it really mean – Open up the Hebrew and discover the deep and powerful ramifications in that name that can change your life.
2083 2016-12-18 THE REKINDLING An ancient mission and the power you have to rekindle the flame of God, in your heart, your walk, your calling, your marriage, and the world.
2082 2016-12-16 THE OTHER GOD IN THE TEMPLE Jonathan reveals ‘the other god’ of Hanukah, and the dramatic and profound keys that can change your life.
2081 2016-12-11 THE MASTER CLASS When a renowned teacher has a class, it is called a ‘master class.’ Messiah has His own master class. How to get in on God’s Master Class, and how to prosper in His course.
2080 2016-12-09 MESSIAH IN THE CROWD At times in His life, Messiah walked among the crowd. What happened when He did and the truths and principles that are crucial for your own life.
2079 2016-12-04 THE JUBILEAN MYSTERY On the day Fidel Castro was buried, Jonathan reveals an amazing prophetic account behind world events, from the Magi, to the Jubilee, a Castle, a Star, a prophetic sign, and God’s hand behind world history.
2078 2016-12-02 THE RISK TAKERS What does risk have to do with the Bible and the people of God? What does it have to do with your life? What is the risk that lies ahead of you?
2077 2016-11-27 THE GOD-THING AND THE YOU-FACTOR What is it that God wants to do in your life and through your life? What is it that’s hindering it? How to open the door to God’s blessings and power.
2076 2016-11-25 THE SECRET OF FRUITS AND TREES Discover some of the most important truths and keys to life, growth, abundance, and fulfilling your calling from the secrets of trees.
2075 2016-11-06 A TIME TO DECIDE On the eve of the strangest election of our times, and one of the most critical moments in our history, Pastor Jonathan shares of things to come, and how we must be prepared.
2074 2016-11-04 THE TESHUVAH POWER One of the most powerful keys of change we can ever discover comes in one of the most unexpected and overlooked secrets.
2073 2016-10-30 OVERCOMING THE SERPENT On the day before Halloween, Jonathan shares the keys of the enemy’s strategies and the keys to overcome them.
2072 2016-10-28 THE HEBREW BLESSING REVELATION For thousands of years, the Jewish people have been uttering blessings to God. These ancient blessings hold revelations and keys that can change your life.
2071 2016-10-16 THE ELEMENTS OF HEAVEN The last celebration of the Bible is filled with revelations of the last appointed time of God - the Kingdom of Heaven. And within that revelation are the elements of heaven, the keys of living a heavenly life.
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