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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2035 2016-04-24 THE TRACING Hidden in the Greek of the New Testament is a life-changing revelation about Messiah and you, and an incredibly practical spiritual key that can change your life.
2034 2016-04-22 THE PASSOVER SEDER CELEBRATION 2016 Enter the Passover & the Last Supper as Jonathan takes you into the deep mysteries of this ancient and moving celebration – the Mystery of the Afikomen, the Zeroah, the Three Matzos, the Dipping, the Four Cups, and much more. Includes the message, The End of Winter.
2033 2016-04-08 THE RESISTANCE SECRET One of the keys used in the physical realm is actually one of the most important secrets in the spiritual realm. Something that is already in your life that you're probably missing. A secret that can change your walk and life to one of victory and power.
2032 2016-04-03 THE SEVEN EYES The Bible speaks of the seven eyes of God. From the Hebrew Scriptures to the Book of Revelation, discover what it means and what it means for your life.
2031 2016-04-01 THE COSMIC BRIDEGROOM One of the greatest mysteries in Scripture is that of the bride and bridegroom. You are the bride and God is the bridegroom. Discover the mysteries of the Bridegroom of your soul.
2030 2016-03-27 THE POWER OF THE FIRSTFRUITFUL The day of Messiah's rising was an ancient Hebrew holy day. There was a reason for that. In that day is the key to the power you have to change your life and your world. The power of the Bikoreem - The Firstfruitful.
2029 2016-03-25 ENTERING THE SEVENTH DAY The mystery that joins together the day of Messiah's death with the creation of the universe - the Mystery of the Seventh Day. How Messiah entered it and the keys from that entering for you to enter a life of peace, fullness, and joy.
2028 2016-03-20 THE SACRED SHAKING The shaking, the upheaval, and the turning upside down of a city, a world, and a life. From Palm Sunday to your life, what happens when God's presence enters in and how God brings the changes He has ordained for your life.
2027 2016-03-18 THE ISSUE OF YOUR SAINTHOOD Saints are not just for stained glass windows and icons. God has called you to live the life of a saint. What does it mean to be a saint? And how having sainthood as a goal can change your life
2026 2016-03-13 THE SIDELINERS What is a Sideliner? What has happened through history because of them? What does it have to do with fulfilling or missing God's will for your life? Are you a Sideliner? Will you fulfill your calling?
2025 2016-03-11 THE PURIM LAW From Amalek to Haman, from the prophets of Israel to Isaac Newton, one of the most important laws woven into the universe and principles by which to live your life.
2024 2016-02-28 THE SPIRIT OF THE SHEPHERD There are two warring spirits in the world: the spirit of the wolf and the spirit of the shepherd. Discover what this battle has to do with you and what it means to live in the Shepherd's Spirit.
2023 2016-02-26 THE GOSPEL OF THE LILIES One of the most important revelations of Messiah comes from a flower. And that revelation is so powerful it can remove all your anxieties, fears, worries, insecurities, and burdens. Discover the revelation as told by a flower.
2022 2016-02-14 THE BELOVED POSSESSION Some of the most beautiful words from the Bible's love song, The Song of Solmon, will give you the key to live a life of love and transformation.
2021 2016-02-12 THE LIVING BLESSING The Jewish people have a blessing for everything and every occasion. But there is one blessing that is greater than them all that can change the way you live the rest of your life.
2020 2016-02-07 THE KEY OF THE PROMISE God wants to bless your life. But from the glory in the Tabernacle, to the Walls of Jericho, to the healing of Naaman, to the restoration of the blind man there is a pattern, an order, and a key that most believers miss, but which is crucial to receiving the blessing. Find out what it is.
2019 2016-02-05 ISAIAH'S KIPPURIM II The most amazing of Messianic prophecies and the deep chain that connects it to the holiest day of the year - Yom Kippur. Together it opens up some of the deepest mysteries of Messiah.
2018 2016-01-31 THE SECRET IN ABRAHAM'S TENTS Discover the ancient secret going back 4000 years ago in a Middle Eastern desert camp that has shaken world history, affected your life, and has the world hanging in the balance to this day.
2017 2016-01-29 THE SURPRISE What does surprise have to do with your faith, your walk, your relationship with God, and living with the power of God's life? Everything. Discover it.
2016 2016-01-22 THE KEYS OF VICTORY How do you overcome despite adversity, trouble, hard times and the end-times? Jonathan will share the specific spiritual and practical keys guaranteed to give you a life of victory.
Records 1 to 20 of 1987
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