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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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1980 2015-08-14 THE TECTONIC MOMENT & THE APPOINTED DESTINY There is an appointed destiny for each child of God and there are key moments that unlock this destiny. A prophetic message as Jonathan opens up a key and tectonic moment of the end times that has everything to do with our appointed destiny.
1979 2015-08-09 ANOCHEE EEMKHA How you can stay strong no matter what happens in your life and in the world. One of the most powerful promises that God gave His servants, from Jacob to Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah, and Paul – and now to you. The Hebrew words that can change your life.
1978 2015-08-07 ENDLESS God is endless - and so are His Spirit, His works, and His power. Discover what His endlessness has to do with your life, here and now and forever.
1977 2015-08-02 THE ABOLITION OF GRAY The end-times will bring about the abolition of grey. We are witnessing it right now. How it affects everything and how it can change your life.
1976 2015-07-19 THE MYSTERY DAYS OF ZION I One of the most radical, revolutionary and upside down of phenomena hidden in the holy days of Spring as performed by the children of Israel and that can change the way you live your life.
1975 2015-07-17 THE SHALOM HEART No matter what lies ahead, no matter the storm, calamity, trouble or crisis, you can dwell in total peace. Learn the keys of unconditional Shalom.
1974 2015-07-12 THE PROPHETIC MOMENT & Preparing For What Lies Ahead We are living in a most critical time when civilization itself hangs in the balance. What you need to know to stand, to survive, and to shine. How to prepare.
1973 2015-07-10 THE ISAIAH 9:10 METAMORPHOSIS What happened in the last days of Israel before judgment, and what began in the Harbinger has undergone a metamorphosis that is leading America to judgment.
1972 2015-06-26 THE PRICE OF ALL: Secrets of the Pearl V Live the most dynamic and powerful life in God you can. All contained in the hidden treasure and the pearl.
1971 2015-06-21 THE CHILD OF GOD IDENTITY How discovering and apprehending your identity as a child of God can heal your emotional life, revolutionize your spiritual life, and change your life itself.
1970 2015-06-19 THE ARCH OF TITUS Two objects standing in the ruins of ancient Rome, each one containing a key, a message, a revelation that can change your life. Jonathan shares it on the day he returned from the city of Rome, just after seeing them first-hand amidst the ruins.
1969 2015-04-00 THE APRIL MESSAGES In April 2015, Jonathan was called to give three prophetic addresses 1) in the United Nations, 2) on Capitol Hill to leaders and Members of Congress on the day after the Supreme Court heard the case deciding the future of marriage, and 3) in Federal Hall. The very same place where Washington gave his prophetic warning to America. On the very same day that it was first spoken. They were all recorded and some have never been seen.
1968 2015-05-31 THE KINGDOM OF THE LAMB The radical, upside down, revolutionary kingdom that defies every other kingdom and power and how to live in its power.
1967 2015-05-29 WAR OF THE GODS From ancient times to modern America, there is a war of gods. How it affects everything from our culture, the church, our lives, and how to overcome it.
1966 2015-05-24 THE MATTAN REVELATION Behind the outpouring of the Spirit is a beautiful, ancient and profound mystery revealed in the marriage of the Bride and Bridegroom. Don't miss unlocking the revelations that can change your life.
1965 2015-05-22 THE SHAVUOT KEYS What has been largely missed for ages is that the key behind the Day of Pentecost and the coming of the Spirit is the ancient Feast of Shavuot. Discover the keys it reveals to receive the true power of the Spirit and live a true Spirit-filled victorious life in God.
1964 2015-05-17 THE DARK ANGEL'S RED ALTAR: The Mystery of Pergamon Jonathan continues the stunning mystery of Pergamon behind events in our lifetime and the enemy's plan to destroy the world.
1963 2015-05-15 THE REAPPEARING The most pivotal, central, and definitive prophetic event of the end times, the resurrection of Israel,– and the deep surprising ramifications it has for the Church, the world, every believer – and your life.
1962 2015-05-10 SECRETS OF LITTLE CHILDREN IV Some of the most profound, deep, simple and life-changing revelations in the spirit come from little children. Jonathan shares the revelations he learned from two particular little children very close to him.
1961 2015-05-08 THE DARK ANGEL'S SACRIFICE:The Mystery of Pergamon Jonathan continues the stunning mystery of Pergamon behind the ancient and modern world.
Records 1 to 20 of 1932
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