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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2172 2018-02-11 HA SHEM Observant Jews won’t even say God but “Ha Shem” “the Name.” Discover the amazing revelations of the ineffable, timeless and amazing Name of God.
2171 2018-02-09 TIME TRAVEL & THE SERPENTINE STRATEGY What does time travel and the enemy’s plans and strategies concerning your life have to do with each other. Discover the critical secret and keys – and how to be victorious.
2170 2018-02-04 THE KEYS OF YOUR WARFARE No matter who you are, you’re in a fight. God wants you to live victoriously. Discover the keys not only of spiritual warfare but of living a victorious life as Jonathan opens up the secrets of Ephesians 6 that are only uncovered in the original language!
2169 2018-02-02 THE COSMIC SABBATH The very first Sabbath was not celebrated in a Jewish home, but in the cosmos, by God, in Genesis. From this cosmic Sabbath come the keys of life, peace, fullness, and healing.
2168 2018-01-28 THE STATE OF OVERFLOW God has truly called you to live a life characterized by abundance. But what does that mean? And how do you live it? Uncover the keys.
2167 2018-01-26 THE MYSTERY OF JUBILEES The next revelation of the Jerusalem Mysteries, the prophetic unfolding of God’s plan before our eyes, and the amazing thing it has to do with the mystery of Jubilee
2166 2018-01-21 WORD FOR THE YEAR 2018 A special service in which Jonathan will share specifically words he received in praying for God’s words, message, and counsel for 2018 - He will share what was not shared on Friday and the specific Word he received for 2018.
2165 2018-01-12 THE TWO In the end, your walk, your faith, your life, and your eternity comes down to two people – God and you – Explore what that means, the intimacy and the many facets and revelations of God and you.
2164 2018-01-07 BREAKING FREE God gives us the power to break from any bondage – But how? From a literal breaking out of bondage, God gives the keys.
2161 2017-12-24 THE ROYALS Hidden in the account of the Nativity is a mystery of royalty, an ancient line of kings that went hidden. You are also born of royalty and are called to live a royal life. Discover the keys to living a life of royalty.
2160 2017-12-22 BEIT-LECHEM The name ‘Bethlehem’ is an English translation of an ancient Hebrew name. Learn the deep mysteries of Bethlehem’s real name that can change your life.
2159 2017-12-17 THE JERUSALEM FINGERPRINTS Jonathan brings forth a powerful prophetic word in light of the prophetic events concerning Jerusalem and America’s Jerusalem Declaration – The mystery of the Jerusalem Parashas, the 70 years of Cyrus, the days of Kislev, the word to Edom, and much more!
2158 2017-12-15 THE HANUKAH HAFTORAH A word from the prophets, appointed for Hanukah, for all God’s servants and all who are called by God and have known adversity – A word of encouragement and strength to fulfill your calling
2157 2017-12-10 THE JERUSALEM DECLARATION II The powerful and prophetic conclusion of The Jerusalem Declaration - in light of this monumental prophetic event – 3000 years, Zechariah 12, Armageddon, the Balfour Declaration, the Liberation of Jerusalem, the 70 Years, the Third Jubilee, and more!
2156 2017-12-08 THE JERUSALEM DECLARATION I A powerful and prophetic message and hour - Coming days after one of the most prophetic events of our times - America’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – Israel, Jerusalem, the United Nations, the prophecies, Donald Trump, the End-Time Controversy, the Last Days and more!
2155 2017-12-03 THE DAVAR The entire universe was formed by the Davar. We all have it in our lives and yet we miss it’s power. Learn the power of the Davar and how to read the Word of God, for all its worth.
2154 2017-12-01 THE LAW OF MULTIPLIED BLESSINGS There are laws of the kingdom from the Word of God that reveal the keys of blessing, true prosperity, and how to live in multiplied blessings. Learn them!
2153 2017-11-26 THE DEFIANT WITNESS The world has attacked the reality of the resurrection for 2000 years – But discover some of the powerful arguments and realities for the resurrection in the defiant witnesses.
2152 2017-11-24 THE BOTTOM OF THE MOUNTAIN We often focus on the mountaintops and what God does there – But one of the most important parts of the mountain and your life is the bottom. Discover what awaits you there.
2151 2017-11-12 THE CLOSEST MIRACLE There is a miracle you’ve known about your whole life. It’s so close to you, that you can miss it. But if you find it, it will change the way you live your life forever.
Records 1 to 20 of 2121
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