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2587 2023-11-10 The Lystran Principle (And Overcoming Rejection) Everyone deals with wounds, scars, rejection, and baggage from the past:from childhood to adulthood - even in the Lord. How to deal with it. How to overcome it and break free through the surprising keys given in the Book of Acts.
2586 2023-11-05 The Cat in the Hat Principle What does a Dr. Seuss story, the Golden Calf, and modern culture have in common? A principle that is both prophetic and personal.
2585 2023-11-03 The Sign of the Broken Altar Jonathan continues in the special first sharing of his recently released book, The Josiah Manifesto: The Day of Broken Curses - The Jubilean Redemption - The Phineas Factor - The Vison - The sign of the Broken altar, and more.
2584 2023-10-29 Blood Brothers There is a mystery in both the Hebrew and Greek about how close, intimate, and deep is to be your relationship with God. Discover it!
2583 2023-10-27 The Day of the Turning Jonathan continues in the special first sharing of the mysteries from his just released book, The Josiah Manifesto: the Potter’s Jar, Shabbat Shuvah, the Mystery of Trumpets, and the converging of all the mysteries into a single day, a single place, a single act, and a single moment!
2582 2023-10-22 The Devil's Kiss One of the most important keys in resisting and turning away from evil is to be able to see past deceptions, facades, illusions and mirages. How to do that and become victorious.
2581 2023-10-13 The Hamas/Israel End-Time Revelation II Jonathan opens up more mysteries following  the invasion of Israel from Gaza - the plot of the nations against Israel in Psalm 83,  the war of Ezekiel 38 and 39, the 50 year mystery in Israel's resurrection and now in the Hamas invasion – The Conclusion.
2580 2023-10-08 The Hamas/Israel End-Time Revelation I On the morning after the invasion of Israel from Gaza, Jonathan opens up the mysteries that lay behind it – the mysteries of Philistia, ancient Gaza, Hamas in the Bible, the 50 year mysteries, The Josiah Manifesto, how the Friday Night service before the invasion was prophetic, and what it all means.
2579 2023-10-06 The Child Of The Nile And The Jubilean Redemption Jonathan continues in this special first sharing of the mysteries from his just released book The Josiah Manifesto - from ancient Egypt to modern America, the Child of the Nile, the mystery of Sivan 23, and the Jubilean Redemption.
2578 2023-10-01 The Feast of Outpouring During Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, the priests and people would perform the Water Drawing Ceremony and pray for the Rains and the Outpouring. Discover the secrets of the Spirit-filled life as Jonathan unlocks the secrets of the Outpouring!
2577 2023-09-29 The Three End-Time Mysteries of Tabernacles Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacle is the “End-Feast” – And so it contains the mysteries of the end times and a special prophetic revelation for Israel, the Church, and the World – Discover the end-time mysteries as Jonathan leads the Feast of Tabernacle Celebration recorded live.
2576 2023-09-24 The Missing One The most holy day of the year was also the most intimate. This has everything to do with the last 2000 of Jewish History and modern times, but also with you, your walk, the secret place, your first love, intimacy with God, and the glory of His presence.
2575 2023-09-22 The Yom Kippur Triad The most awesome day of the Biblical year is filled with mysteries – deep, rich, and powerful. From the mysteries of Messiah’s atonement and redemption, to the mysteries of end-time prophecy, and from the scapegoat and scarlet thread to the end-times, the Second Coming, and the redemption of the cosmos.
2574 2023-09-17 The Shofar Key to Blessing On the Feast of Trumpets, Jonathan reveals the other side of the shofar, the powers, the blessings, the ushering in, the new beginnings – and the key that unlocks all of them.
2573 2023-09-15 The Days of Grapes & Trumpets On the Feast of Trumpets, Jonathan opens up the different realms of end-time prophecy and matches it up with the stories and headlines of the day, even that September. (The Video includes the Feast of Trumpets Celebration)
2571 2023-09-08 The Mystery of Barbie (Ishtar, Ken, & Tammuz) As the movie Barbie has become a cultural touchstone, Jonathan exposes the phenomenon from its origins and ramifications, with everything from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a German precursor, a Mesopotamian goddess, broken babies, and the return of the gods
2570 2023-09-03 The Romans 12:2 Secret One of the most important keys, principles, and overlooked secrets on how to stand, overcome, gain breakthrough and victory from Messiah Himself
2569 2023-09-01 The Appointed Days Jonathan continues in the special first sharing of the mysteries from his soon to be released book, The Josiah Manifesto. A fascinating mystery that happened before our eyes, before the world, and yet that manifested God’s ancient calendar of the sacred and appointed times.
2568 2023-08-27 The Kingdom of Altered Measures What is behind the changes and transformations taking place in our culture, our nation, and our world – the ancient key from God’s Word that reveals all.
2567 2023-08-06 The Pillar and the Cloud God led His people through the wilderness by the Pillar and the Cloud. What does it reveal to us? How does God lead you? How do you know and fulfill God’s will for your life? 
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