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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2186 2018-04-13 The State of Weightlessness It is something that only a few astronauts have ever experienced -and yet you are to experience this same state in the spiritual realm. How to do that and how it will affect your life.
2185 2018-04-08 How to Hear God How can you hear the voice of God? What is God’s will for your life? How can you discover it? Learn the pitfalls to avoid, the keys of hearing God’s voice, and secrets of discovering His will for your life.
2184 2018-04-06 The Cosmic Sham There exists a cosmic hoax. And in one way or another you’re dealing with it every day of your life. The keys of recognizing it, dealing with it, and overcoming it.
2183 2018-04-01 The Man Whose Name is Genesis A powerful, cosmic and colossal revelation and message. The secret hidden in the first Hebrew words of the Bible, in the first Greek words of the New Testament, in the mystical day called Yom Raysheet, the man called Genesis, the death of the beginning, the erasing of the past, and the true power to walk and live in the newness of life
2182 2018-03-30 Sunset The mystery behind the death of Messiah, the going down of the Light of the World, the cosmic sunset, the power to end all yesterdays, to put away all that is old, and completely leave the past, to rise in the new day
2181 2018-03-25 Son of the Clouds Messiah was prophesied to come on a donkey, but also on the clouds – The rabbis couldn’t put it together – The amazing revelations hidden within the mystery, Messiah Son of Joseph, Messiah Son of David, the End-Times, the Last Days, the controversy of Jerusalem, and much more! (A powerful message for believers and unbelievers - given on Palm Sunday)
2180 2018-03-23 Passover 2018 – with Special Message 'The Celebration of Remembrance' Experience the Passover Seder Last Supper Celebration recorded live at the Jerusalem Center as Jonathan takes you through the mysteries of the Passover Seder and shares a special message: The Celebration of Remembrance
2179 2018-03-18 THE MIRACLE OF THE DYSFUNCTIONAL PRAYER GROUP They meant well, but they ended up being the most dysfunctional prayer group in world history. And what they learned has everything to do with your life.
2178 2018-03-16 THE FOOTPRINTS OF ELYON What happens when the Most High comes down? The amazing cosmic stumbling block that can change your life.
2177 2018-03-11 THE MISSION OF YOUR LIFE What is the mission of your life? Are you on it? Or not yet? What Scriptures reveal it? And how do you get going on the mission?
2176 2018-03-09 THE UNCONDITIONALLY JOYFUL LIFE A joyful life is not something to be left to chance. There’s a way you can guarantee. Learn the secrets hidden in the original Hebrew of the Bible.
2175 2018-02-25 THE TWIST What is the twist of God? How does He use it to change any story, any history, and any life? From the Book of Esther comes the power of the Twist, a power, that can change any circumstance you’re in – and your life itself.
2174 2018-02-23 THE POWER OF NAGAD The Hebrew word ‘Nagad’ contains a critical key for every believer living in the present age. From the days of Esther, to the days of Rome, of Nazi Germany, of the Soviet Union, and the civilization in which we live, a powerful truth and key you need to take up to fulfill the calling God has given you for such a time as this
2173 2018-02-16 THE EASTERN MYSTERY It’s the most mystical direction in the Bible. And yet from the Temple, to Messiah, to end-time prophecy, it is the one that is most filled with amazing revelations.
2172 2018-02-11 HA SHEM Observant Jews won’t even say God but “Ha Shem” “the Name.” Discover the amazing revelations of the ineffable, timeless and amazing Name of God.
2171 2018-02-09 TIME TRAVEL & THE SERPENTINE STRATEGY What does time travel and the enemy’s plans and strategies concerning your life have to do with each other. Discover the critical secret and keys – and how to be victorious.
2170 2018-02-04 THE KEYS OF YOUR WARFARE No matter who you are, you’re in a fight. God wants you to live victoriously. Discover the keys not only of spiritual warfare but of living a victorious life as Jonathan opens up the secrets of Ephesians 6 that are only uncovered in the original language!
2169 2018-02-02 THE COSMIC SABBATH The very first Sabbath was not celebrated in a Jewish home, but in the cosmos, by God, in Genesis. From this cosmic Sabbath come the keys of life, peace, fullness, and healing.
2168 2018-01-28 THE STATE OF OVERFLOW God has truly called you to live a life characterized by abundance. But what does that mean? And how do you live it? Uncover the keys.
2167 2018-01-26 THE MYSTERY OF JUBILEES The next revelation of the Jerusalem Mysteries, the prophetic unfolding of God’s plan before our eyes, and the amazing thing it has to do with the mystery of Jubilee
Records 1 to 20 of 2135
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