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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2113 2017-04-23 THE ULTIMATE VERSE It has been called the central declaration of salvation. Discover the amazing properties contained within the redemption words that has changed each of our lives and can change it again!
2112 2017-04-21 THE STILL It’s one of the greatest things we lack in modern life – And yet it holds some of most important blessings for our lives – Learn the rich and wonderful revelations hidden in the original language of The Still
2111 2017-04-16 THE ASHAMAH There was one charge over all charges that was used to try to disprove the resurrection two thousand years ago. It was launched by those closest to the event. What happens when you hold the mother of all accusations against the evidence? A powerful message of the reality of the resurrection - Great for believer, unbeliever, and skeptic alike! (Given by Jonathan on Resurrection Day)
2110 2017-04-14 ROSH KHADASHIM Over three thousand years ago, changed the marking of time. When Messiah came to Jerusalem to die, it was all linked to the ancient mystery of the changing of time – What does this mean for your life? What is the power of the Rosh Khadashim that can make all things in our life become new? A message of the power of new life! (Given by Jonathan on Good Friday)
2109 2017-04-09 THE ALPHA COMMAND The first perpetual commandment ever given to Israel, and the first commandment for each of our lives – The secret of the Lamb and the house, and how to bring everything in your life into blessing – and His blessing into every part of your life!
2108 2017-04-07 THE PASSOVER SEDER CELEBRATION 2017 – WITH SPECIAL MESSAGE ‘THE LAMB’ Experience the Passover, the Last Supper, and the Biblical Communion in its original form just as the disciples did 2000 years ago! You’ll experience all the set Passover foods – but eat a full dinner beforehand!
2107 2017-04-02 THE PASSIONATE It’s something you might never see in English, but an ancient word hidden in the Greek – about Messiah, God, and you.
2106 2017-03-31 THE STORM KING It’s no accident that Messiah was with His disciples in the midst of the storm. It wasn’t just for them, it was for you. Learn the meaning of the Storm King and what it has to do with your life
2105 2017-03-26 THE MYSTERY OF THE SEMIKHAH One of the most important revelations in Scripture and yet unknown or missed by just about everyone. A deep and profound mystery from the priest and the sacrifice…. and the key of your salvation, your walk, your life, and your victory.
2104 2017-03-24 THE NIGHTFALL FACTOR Messiah ministered to the sick and the broken in the shadow of the nightfall. Discover the cosmic message and the nightfall that has everything to do with every part of your life.
2103 2017-03-19 ALTARS OF THE UNKNOWN GOD From Mars Hill to the natives of distant Islands, discover the amazing shadows and revelations of the Unknown God through the earth.
2102 2017-03-17 THE KEYS OF DAVID David is called “The man after God’s heart.” David was not only passionate for God, he lived a great and victorious life. Learn the specific keys that David knew for you to live a great and victorious life as well.
2101 2017-03-05 THE GORAL Hidden in the casting of the lots and the Book of Esther are the keys to finding and fulfilling your calling and destiny. How not to miss it!
2100 2017-03-03 THE GILGAL PRINCIPLE From ancient Persia, to the desert of Sinai, to the land of Gilgal, one of the most important principles and keys that you can ever know and apply in your life with God – It can change your life!
2099 2017-02-24 THE INHERITORS The world is filled with those who are born into wealth and inheritance. But you are born (again) into a greater fortune. You are an heir. Learn what it means to live like one!
2098 2017-02-19 THE MYSTERY OF THE YARDEN A beautiful biblical mystery that begins on the mountaintops and ends in the depths of the earth, and in between some of the most important revelations not only of God and Messiah but of your life.
2097 2017-02-17 THE CUP OF REELING: JERUSALEM Discover why the ancient city of Jerusalem is still in the center of world news, and even in recent events. Find out what it means historically, politically, and prophetically for America, Israel, and the end-times.
2096 2012-02-12 THE IDENTICAL One of the most amazing, profound, and life-changing mysteries in the Bible. Hint: It involves something you've heard about your whole life and yet a mystery hidden for the ages.
2095 2017-02-10 THE POWER OF THE ROCK How to build a life so strong it will stand no matter what happens in the world or around. Learn Messiah’s secret of the power of the rock.
2094 2017-01-29 THE PARADIGM OF KINGS An ancient mystery, a prophetic message, that is behind what has happened, what is happening, and what is to come – A revelation with explosive ramifications.
Records 1 to 20 of 2066
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