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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2634 2024-07-14 Fight, Fight, Fight On the day after the shooting and survival of Donald Trump, Jonathan shares a message on what happened, on warfare, and the words for the year, on the year of the Dragon, and charge for every believer to fight!
2633 2024-07-12 The Book of Revelation I For the first time, Jonathan opens up the Book of Revelation. What does it actually say, foretell, and prophesy? What are its mysteries? And how are we to live in light of it. Don’t miss this most important and exciting series!
2632 2024-06-16 The Blessing of Yakov From an ancient deception and a mystical wrestling match, something that has to do with each of us, the Baracha, the Blessing - And the gigantic difference it can make in our lives - And how to get it - even if you didn’t!   
2631 2024-06-09 The Graduate There is a link between Shavuot/ Pentecost and Graduation - Why was the Spirit given just at that moment? What does it mean to graduate in the Lord? What is the true Spirit-filled life What does it mean to live beyond? And what is your graduation to higher ground - And how to get there?
2630 2024-06-07 The Yerushalayim-Shavuot Revelation The mystery of the Holy City of God - and the outpouring of the Spirit of God - Ezekiel 37, the resurrection and the breath, the Six Day War, the return of Jerusalem, and the End-time revival and outpouring - A prophetic message at the celebration of Shavuot/ Pentecost
2629 2024-06-02 The Greatest The Covenant you live in is the greatest covenant. What does that mean for your life? How to live the greatest life possible, and how to live in the Power of the Greatest!
2628 2024-05-31 The Mystery of Ezekiel 38 & 39: The America Mystery The Conclusion of the amazing prophecy that may foretell the next colossal event and the big question - where is America in it? What is America's role in end time prophecy, and the end times? Is it there or not?
2627 2024-05-26 Curses and How to Break Them What are curses? Are we subject to them? What about the curses of the past, of the occult, and in your life? How to reverse and nullify them.
2626 2024-05-24 The Sar Paras - An End-Time Mystery With world events of prophetic significance rapidly unfolding, and the death of the Iranian president in a helicopter crash, Jonathan opens up an ancient Biblical mystery behind it all – from what just happened in Iran, to what is happening in Israel, to Hamas, the Middle East, and the world, going back to a mystery 2500 years old!
2625 2024-05-12 The Shadow Love For Mother’s Day 2024 Jonathan shares on the culture’s war against motherhood, and how a mother’s love is one of the closest shadows on earth of God’s love for us.
2624 2024-05-10 Children of the Gods Jonathan takes the revelation of The Return of the gods and brings it to one of the most important issue of our time – the children. What do the gods have to do with our youth, and what is now happening to them? What lies behind it? And where is all heading?
2623 2024-05-05 The Priest Who Wears the Crown It’s one of the mysteries of the Hebrew Scriptures, one that seems to contradict everything else, even the law of God, and yet that reveals the Messiah and the Cosmic Secret of God and your salvation.
2622 2024-05-03 The Mufti Mystery Jonathan exposes the dark and stunning secret behind the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations taking place throughout the country, the bankruptcy of Wokeism, the secret behind the movement to destroy Israel that goes back to Al-Banna, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Gaza, and Adolf Hitler!   *(Note: The DVD has many Images)
2621 2024-04-28 18 Keys for the End-Times On a special service for which Jonathan waited on the Lord for a word, a major word came: the keys for the end-time believer. How do you stand in the days of which the Bible foretold? How do you overcome? How do you prevail? Important, practical, and life-changing.
2620 2024-04-26 The Mystery of Ezekiel 38 & 39: The Russia Mystery Jonathan opens up Part II of one of the most important, controversial, and relevant prophecies for our time-Ezekiel 38-39. Is it coming true? Does it include Russia? Is it being set up right now? Discover the Surprising Answers!
2619 2024-04-21 The Persian Mystery: Israel, Iran,and the End-Times With monumental events unfolding before our eyes and the attack of Iran on Israel, are we watching ancient prophecies being fulfilled? Are these part of God’s end-time purposes and the next prophetic event? Jonathan opens up the prophecies, the mysteries, and the answers!
2618 2024-04-19 Passover 2024: A War of Kingdoms Jonathan leads the 2024 Passover Seder Last Supper Celebration, opening up all the mysteries and elements of Passover, and a special from Egypt to the dramatic and prophetic events in Israel.
2617 2024-04-07 The Man from Alexandria We enter the book of Acts with an answer for all the times you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in the Lord, from one of the most mysterious of disciples.
2616 2024-04-05 The Night of the Earthquake On the night that an earthquake struck NJ and NY, and the congregation, Jonathan gives a prophetic message. (With half the electricity and stage lights not working) The Abrahamic Covenant, the fallen bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the earthquake, the eclipse. Are these signs? And if so, of what?
2615 2024-03-31 The Easter Bunny Heresy From a stunning event on the White House Lawn to 2000 years of Easterization, to the pagan holy days and cycles to the radicalness of the Resurrection. A message to change your life.
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