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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2126 2017-06-23 SHERMAN’S STRATAGEM From one of the most controversial generals in American history, the strategy he used, and that the enemy uses, and how to guard against it and have success in all you do for God.
2125 2017-06-18 THE HEAVENLY DADDY From the most intimate and basic relationship in life, Jonathan opens up some of the most profound truths that can change your walk, your emotions, and your life – even bring healing – the revelations of your Heavenly Daddy!
2124 2017-06-16 WHO DO I THINK I AM? From one of the pivotal moments in the Book of Acts and world history, the key given by the Apostle Peter and that has everything to do with your life and the plans God wants to fulfill in you.
2123 2017-06-11 THE RABBI WHO MADE YOU KOSHER Kosher, Nonkosher, the Rabbi who changed your life, and what it truly means to have been made kosher!
2122 2017-06-09 THE 50th JUBILEE CELEBRATION OF JERUSALEM On a historic day, 50 years after Jerusalem was restored to the Jewish people in 1967, Jonathan opens up the mystery of Jerusalem, beginning four thousand years ago in the days of Melchizedek and going right up to world news – A powerful message and night!
2121 2017-05-28 THE DUNAMIS OF THE HEBREWS Long before the Spirit came on the Day of the Pentecost, the Spirit came on God’s people, on prophets, on kings, on warriors, on the unlikely, even on dry bones. These amazing moments reveal the hidden purposes and powers you have in your life - and that can change your life if you use them.
2120 2017-05-26 THE POWER OF THE OMER Hidden in the sacred Hebrew year is the mystery of the Omer. The mystery reveals the true purpose and power of what happened on Pentecost – and the very specific powers you have in the Spirit to use for a victorious life.
2119 2017-05-21 THE GOD WHO FORGOT HE WAS GOD The key to understanding, answering, and evangelizing those involved with Eastern religion, spirituality, Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age.
2118 2017-05-19 THE LAST HARVESTERS A totally surprising revelation from the words of the Puritans but concerning the end-times, the Jewish people, the Gentiles, and the plans of God.
2117 2017-05-14 The Engraved Love A mother’s love, in many ways, the most faithful, deepest, most unwavering, and unconditional of human loves – Discover what this means and what it opens up - the revelations of God’s amazing, engraved, love for you His child!
2116 2017-05-12 The Night Light What does the Song of Solomon and astrophysics have in common? One of the most important keys you can discover for your life.
2115 2017-05-07 THE BLUE PLANET MISSION A secret that can totally revolutionize the way you see the world and live your life.
2114 2017-05-05 YES One of the simplest words in any language and yet it holds the key to transform your walk and life in God.
2113 2017-04-23 THE ULTIMATE VERSE It has been called the central declaration of salvation. Discover the amazing properties contained within the redemption words that has changed each of our lives and can change it again!
2112 2017-04-21 THE STILL It’s one of the greatest things we lack in modern life – And yet it holds some of most important blessings for our lives – Learn the rich and wonderful revelations hidden in the original language of The Still
2111 2017-04-16 THE ASHAMAH There was one charge over all charges that was used to try to disprove the resurrection two thousand years ago. It was launched by those closest to the event. What happens when you hold the mother of all accusations against the evidence? A powerful message of the reality of the resurrection - Great for believer, unbeliever, and skeptic alike! (Given by Jonathan on Resurrection Day)
2110 2017-04-14 ROSH KHADASHIM Over three thousand years ago, changed the marking of time. When Messiah came to Jerusalem to die, it was all linked to the ancient mystery of the changing of time – What does this mean for your life? What is the power of the Rosh Khadashim that can make all things in our life become new? A message of the power of new life! (Given by Jonathan on Good Friday)
2109 2017-04-09 THE ALPHA COMMAND The first perpetual commandment ever given to Israel, and the first commandment for each of our lives – The secret of the Lamb and the house, and how to bring everything in your life into blessing – and His blessing into every part of your life!
2108 2017-04-07 THE PASSOVER SEDER CELEBRATION 2017 – WITH SPECIAL MESSAGE ‘THE LAMB’ Experience the Passover, the Last Supper, and the Biblical Communion in its original form just as the disciples did 2000 years ago! You’ll experience all the set Passover foods – but eat a full dinner beforehand!
2107 2017-04-02 THE PASSIONATE It’s something you might never see in English, but an ancient word hidden in the Greek – about Messiah, God, and you.
Records 1 to 20 of 2079
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