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2486 2022-06-26 Prophetic Message Part II The second part and conclusion of the prophetic message Jonathan shared on the night of the Supreme Court reversal of Roe V. Wade -  from the prophetic Jeremiah, to the prophetic Jubilee, to the altars of Molech, to the plague, to appointed word of the Parasha, to the Potter's Jar, to the mystery of Tophet and Hinnom, to the grapes of Eshkol, to the hope, and what we are now to do!
2485 2022-06-24 Prophetic Message Part I On the night that the Supreme Court reversed Roe V. Wade, Jonathan shared a prophetic message putting it all together, from the prophetic Jeremiah, to the prophetic Jubilee, to the altars of Molech, to the plague, to appointed word of the Parasha, to the Potter's Jar, to the mystery of Tophet and Hinnom, to the grapes of Eshkol, to the hope, and what we are now to do!
2484 2022-06-19 The Deeper Fatherhood Our ideas of God's Fatherhood are often framed in religious terms and don't even begin to scratch the surface.  Discovering the true, deep, beautiful, simple, organic, profound, and revolutionary revelations of God's fatherhood can change your life!
2483 2022-06-17 The Sacred Criminal We think of lawbreaking as a bad thing, but it isn't always. In fact it can be the key to your breakthrough!
2482 2022-06-05 Sky Water It's one of the most simple and natural things, and yet one of the most deep and supernatural. Water from the sky and what it has to do with the heavens, the flow of life, the power of God, the way to live, the Spirit in you, Israel, the Promised Land, adn the prophetic outpourings of rain in the last days.
2481 2022-06-03 Patterns of the Spirit There are a lot of ideas about what the moving of the Spirit is and means. But what does the Bible actually say? From Genesis 1 to Acts 2 - what are the patterns of the moving of the Spirit. And how to truly move and be moved by God's Spirit and power.
2480 2022-05-29 The Portable Crypt A secret in the original language of the New Testament opening a revelation about your old life, your new life, and the secrets of transformation.
2479 2022-05-27 The Afghan Harbinger The Harbingers, the prophetic warnings of judgement have not stopped manifesting. The revelation of one of the most recent harbingers that manifested before our eyes.
2478 2022-05-15 Teshuvu On the 74th Anniversary of Israel's Resurrection, Jonathan shares the amazing mystery that ordained the exact year and the exact day it would take place.
2477 2022-05-13 The Night After The Harbingers of Things to Come On the night after the premiere of the movie:  The Harbingers of Things to Come, Jonathan shares as the Lord leads – Including the story behind the story of the Movie, and the continuing harbingers after the movie.
2476 2022-05-08 The Day Messiah Went Missing One of the most surprising accounts of the Bible - The day Joseph and Mary lost the King of Kings.  On Mother's Day, Jonathan shares a message that applies to every believer - How even those who love God can lose His presence - and how to get it back!
2475 2022-05-06 True! God is Truth. Messiah said He was the Truth. What is the link between the cosmic nature of God and a part of your nature, personality, and character?
2474 2022-05-01 The River of the House After praying for a special word for the hour, Jonathan shares of the vision of Ezekiel and the waters that flowed from the Temple of God – and then applies is to the body of Messiah, to Beth Israel, and to each of our lives – a word to prepare, to open, and be ready for the new thing God wants to do
2473 2022-04-22 The Power of Desatanization From the original Hebrew a revelation of how to overcome the enemy’s work in your life and your world in a way you may have never expected.
2472 2022-04-24 The Unstoppable Power The resurrection is never supposed to stay in the tomb or in a holiday. It has to come into our lives. From the ancient mystery of the First Fruit and the Omers, Jonathan opens the true power of the resurrection and how to revolutionize your life!
2471 2022-04-22 Passover Seder/Last Supper/Communion Celebration Jonathan takes you through the Passover Seder and the Last Supper opening up the meaning of all the Passover elements, and shares a special message within it - the Supernatural Doorway
2470 2022-04-17 The City Of the Tomb The amazingly powerful fact and truth of your salvation hidden in the city of God – Jerusalem!  A powerful message about the rock solid evidence behind the Word of God, the love of God, your calling, and your redemption – Jonathan shares on Resurrection Sunday.
2469 2022-04-15 Messiah's Erev A deep and beautiful mystery behind Messiah’s death, the sunset, the evening, the Sabbath, the turning of the earth, the ending of the past, the old life, and the opening up of all things new – Jonathan shares this profound mystery on the night of Good Friday and Passover
2468 2022-04-22 The Zechariah 9 Factor What happened on Palm Sunday is unique in that the disciples had a part in fulfilling ancient Biblical prophecy.  Can you do the same?  Discover the keys!
2467 2022-04-03 Intrepid We all deal with fear. But God empowers us to overcome it. How to overcome fear, anxiety, worry, and trepidation - and become Intrepid.
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