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Other Messages from Jonathan Cahn
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2621 2024-04-28 18 Keys for the End-Times On a special service for which Jonathan waited on the Lord for a word, a major word came: the keys for the end-time believer. How do you stand in the days of which the Bible foretold? How do you overcome? How do you prevail? Important, practical, and life-changing.
2620 2024-04-26 The Mystery of Ezekiel 38 & 39: The Russia Mystery Jonathan opens up Part II of one of the most important, controversial, and relevant prophecies for our time-Ezekiel 38-39. Is it coming true? Does it include Russia? Is it being set up right now? Discover the Surprising Answers!
2619 2024-04-21 The Persian Mystery: Israel, Iran,and the End-Times With monumental events unfolding before our eyes and the attack of Iran on Israel, are we watching ancient prophecies being fulfilled? Are these part of God’s end-time purposes and the next prophetic event? Jonathan opens up the prophecies, the mysteries, and the answers!
2618 2024-04-19 Passover 2024: A War of Kingdoms Jonathan leads the 2024 Passover Seder Last Supper Celebration, opening up all the mysteries and elements of Passover, and a special from Egypt to the dramatic and prophetic events in Israel.
2617 2024-04-07 The Man from Alexandria We enter the book of Acts with an answer for all the times you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in the Lord, from one of the most mysterious of disciples.
2616 2024-04-05 The Night of the Earthquake On the night that an earthquake struck NJ and NY, and the congregation, Jonathan gives a prophetic message. (With half the electricity and stage lights not working) The Abrahamic Covenant, the fallen bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the earthquake, the eclipse. Are these signs? And if so, of what?
2615 2024-03-31 The Easter Bunny Heresy From a stunning event on the White House Lawn to 2000 years of Easterization, to the pagan holy days and cycles to the radicalness of the Resurrection. A message to change your life.
2614 2024-03-29 King of the Curse One of the most powerful and beautiful mysteries of God. From the Garden of Eden, from and ancient curse comes a prophecy, a redemption, and the mystery of Messiah and a crown that goes back to Eden, and the amazing power it has for your life.
2613 2024-03-24 The Palm Sunday Faith Behind what we call Palm Sunday is actually one of the most cosmic and radical revelations of our faith, of redemption, and the secrets of how to overcome every issue, every problem, everything you deal with - and the world!
2612 2024-03-17 Heavenly Criminals Mordecai was a law breaker, so was Elijah, so were many of the prophets, so were Maccabees, and so were the apostles, the disciples, and the first believers. Is there a time we must break the law? From Moses to the Nazis: The powerful answer for now and the end times
2611 2024-03-15 The Spirit of Haman In Haman, we are given a shadow and prototype of the one the Bible calls the Antichrist and The Beast. The spirit of the Antichrist, and the spirit of Haman are already at work in our culture right now. Discover the mystery and we are to live in light of it!
2610 2024-03-03 Rivers in the Desert It’s another word for this year from the Lord. A beautiful promise for God’s people, and your life. What exactly does it mean?
2609 2024-03-01 The Mystery of Ezekiel 38 & 39 Jonathan opens up one of the most important, controversial, and relevant prophecies of our time. Ezekiel 38-39 – is it yet to come? How? When? Do we know who will be involved? Does it include Russia? And is it being set up right now? Discover the surprising answers.
2608 2024-02-25 The Keys of Your Rising God is calling each of us to rise to higher ground in the year ahead. Does the Word of God actually give us the keys and secrets to rising, to actually reaching the higher ground? It does.
2607 2024-02-23 The Schemes of Your Warfare War has been waged in every age – even now – So too, the Enemy wages war against your life. Discover what happens when you take the keys of war and apply them to the spiritual realm – The exposing of the Enemy’s schemes that he uses against your life.
2606 2024-02-18 The Belly of the Earth The center of our faith and yet one of the most controversial issues, even confusing for many believers. What looks like a contradiction? What’s the answer? 
2605 2024-02-16 The Inverted Angel Jonathan opens up one of the deepest and most relevant mysteries, one that everyone deals with, one that enemies of God attempt to use against Him. What’s the answer? And what does it have to do with a certain being with plans for the world, and your life? 
2604 2024-02-11 Stores of Heaven Messiah gives a parable that has everything to do with your life, what you may be doing right now, and what God is calling you to do and live from now on.
2603 2024-02-09 The Roman Apostasy and the Church of the Beast We are living the days the Bible foretold. The apostasy is even now transforming the Church. Stunning recent events – a stunning sign – what do they mean? And could the Book of Revelation give us the answer?
2602 2024-02-04 L'Chayim The Lord said, I set before you life and death, choose life. Is it possible that this applies to every moment of our lives? How do identify the ways of death and life in every moment and part of our lives. How to learn the secret of overcoming death and living by the power of life, in the One who is the Prince of Life!
Records 1 to 20 of 2568
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