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Massachusetts House rejects measure to ban male sex offenders from women's bathrooms

By Ben Johnson

Netanyahu and Putin meet as Russia calls for new Israeli-Palestinian talks

By Tovah Lazaroff

UK Denies Christian Converts Asylum After Failing to Properly Recite 10 Commandments, Answer Bible Trivia ​

By Stoyan Zaimov

Chinese Christians Forbidden From Holding Prayer Meeting

By Veronica Neffinger

First They Came For The Crazy Pro-Lifer......

By Charlie Butts

Southern Baptist Leader: Donald Trump Is A 'Lost' Soul Who Must Repent.

By David Gibson

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight 'Extremism' In U.S.

By Pamela Geller

New Swiss tunnel unveiled in bizarre 'demonic' ceremony

By Leo Hohmann

Something Big That Always Happens Right Before The Official Start Of A Recession Has Just Happened

By Michael Snyder

Yellen: Weak jobs report 'concerning;' gradual hikes still appropriate

By Paul Davidson

Homeland Security Urges DC Residents To Have Evacuation Plan

By Tom Fitzgerald

Worst Jobs Report In Nearly 6 Years - 102 Million Working Age Americans Do Not Have Jobs

By Michael Snyder

School sends sheriff to order child to stop sharing Bible verses

By Todd Starnes

Georgia ACLU Leader Resigns Amid Controversy Over Transgender Bathroom Directive — but There's a Twist

By Tré Goins-Phillips

Pound Diving After Latest EU Referendum Poll Showed Massive Swing Towards Brexit.

By Will Martin

China: Crackdown on Christians continues as church members threatened

By Carey Lodge

Washington State To Teach Transgenderism To Kindergartners

By Peter Hasson

High School Boy Wins All State Honors In Girls Track & Field.

By Peter Hasson

ISIS Burns 19 Girls Alive For Refusing Sex Slavery.

By Bob Unruh

30,000 parade through New York in support of Israel

By Stuart Winer

California Satanists Ready Ritual Action for 6/6/16


Retired U.S. commander: North Korea collapse not far off

By Elizabeth Shim

Eurozone RUPTURE: Now SPAIN threatens to tear EU apart as banks LOSE €1.4BILLION in a day

By Lana Clements

UK Will Introduce Shari'a-Compliant Student Loans

By Kevin McCandless

2 F/A-18s crash off North Carolina coast


Christians Told To 'Pray In Silence... Don't Disturb The Migrants'

By Virginia Hale

Netanyahu: We want peace, but won't divide Jerusalem

By Times of Israel staff

Israel's New Defense Minister Backs Two-State Solution

By The Associated Press

Qatar Gives $100,000 to Texas School to Push Arabic Language and Culture

By Merrill Hope

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley signs law banning abortion at 20 weeks

By Emanuella Grinberg

Christians cry out for God's intervention as Venezuela's economic woes take a turn for the worse

By Hazel Torres

Oklahoma's governor just vetoed the bill that would have made abortion a felony

By Emily Crockett

A third of Americans say it's legitimate to boycott Israel

By Stuart Winer

A state of emergency has been declared in southern Russia after a huge swarm of locusts spread over 70,000 hectares devastating crops.

By Matt Hunter

Trans-Species? Men Who Live Like Dogs Featured in Documentary on 'Human Pups'

By Heather Clark

State Department Issues New Travel Alert for Europe

by Abigail Williams and Cassandra Vinograd

AZ Health Dept: 11 confirmed cases of Measles

By Associates Press

Saudi Arabia May Start Paying People With IOUs.

By Elena Holodny

Scientists Creating Human-Animal Embryos Raises Ethical Concerns

By Anugrah Kumar

May 2016: Will Deutsche Bank Survive This Wave Of Trouble Or Will It Be The Next Lehman Brothers?

By Michael Snyder

BBC is 'too Christian' and 'could broadcast Muslim prayers' to reflect growing multi-culturalism

By David Barrett

Jesus' Baptismal Site, Long Sealed Off, To Be Cleared of Landmines.

By Times of Israel staff

Welcome to a Bernie Sanders Wiccan ritual

By Chris Megerian

Iowa high court admits pre-born children have rights

By Bob Brown

Texas to ignore Iran nuclear deal and maintain sanctions, governor says

By Danielle Ziri

At least 69 killed in Baghdad bombings; ISIS claims responsibility for some


Undeniable Evidence That The Real Economy Is Already In Recession Mode

By Michael Snyder

Christian School a Target of Liberal Efforts for LGBT Laws

By Caitlin Burke

Iran to renew financial support for Islamic Jihad after two-year hiatus


China Reportedly Will Send Nuclear Armed Submarines to Patrol Pacific