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"Rabbi Cahn describes the “Eight Harbingers of Judgment” experienced by Israel and their uncanny parallels to the events of September 11, 2001: his insights are prodigious, overwhelming and foreboding. The consequences that would befall the nation that would not hear the Watchman after experiencing the prior warning which would be a shadow of the cataclysm to come." Bill Somers   More...


School District Tells Coach: 'If You Talk to God, You're Fired'

By Todd Starnes

Floods and landslides kill 7, leave 12 missing in Vietnam

By The Associated Press

Government Rips Away Religious Freedom From Chinese Minors

By ACLJ Staff

West Nile Virus found in mosquitoes in Ohio, Washington

By Bethany Bruner

US intelligence believes North Korea is making more nuclear bomb fuel despite talks

By Telegraph Reporters

Churches, nonprofits to be hit with taxes under new federal code

By Free Press

Evacuations Ordered as Winds Fuel Northern California Fires

By Associated Press

Calif. Sen. to Vote on Banning 'Conversion Therapy,' Gender Confusion Counseling for Foster Kids

By Brandon Showalter

Tennessee Tent Revival in Its 3rd Month as More and More People Come to Christ

By Mark Martin

Israel Moves to Strengthen Control of Jerusalem

By Onize Okihere

Trump adviser Kushner criticizes Abbas, says U.S. peace plan near

By Reuters

Saudi air defences intercept missile above Saudi capital - state media

By Reuters

Former Satanist says Christian prayers blocked him from committing acts of evil

By Jardine Malado

Christian Channel Fined by Spain for Airing Pastor's Advice Against Sex Changes for Kids

By Stoyan Zaimov

Canada's Supreme Court Rules Against the Bible

By Michael L. Brown

U.S. blocked Canada's abortion agenda at G7 negotiations

By Rebecca Oas, PhD.

It's Not Bigotry to Believe Homosexuality Is a Sin

By David French

Drag Queen Children TV Shows Coming to America, 'Drag Tots!' Features Cross-Dressing Toddlers

By Stoyan Zaimov

Dumb and dumber: why we're getting less intelligent

By Oliver Moody

Record Number of Christians Think Pornography Is Acceptable

By Luke Gibbons

Merkel Urges Europe to Step Up in Trump's New World Order

By Patrick Donahue

Netanyahu Hires an Israeli Jew Who Believes in Jesus

By Israel Today Staff

Maine Allows Third Gender 'X' for Non-Binary Persons on Driver's Licenses, IDs Documents

By Brandon Showalter

Trump Confronted Kim Jong Un About Atrocities Against Christians

By Jessilyn Justice

Fort Wayne VA flies LGBT pride flag in place of military flags

By Jazlynn Bebout and Corinne Rose

California university's website says its OK for children to engage in 'sexual play,' watch porn

By Caleb Parke

Brain-Eating Amoeba Found In Louisiana Water System

By Chris Melore

First human case of plague in Idaho since 1992 confirmed in Elmore County child

By Michael Katz

Catholic Hospitals Will Have to Perform Abortions, PM of Ireland Says

By Brandon Showalter

UN General Assembly condemns Israel for 'excessive' force at Gaza border

By Raphael Ahren

A 3rd Gender on Birth Certificates? NYC May Allow It.

By Michael Faust

Study: Suicide Rate Rising Across the U.S., Up By More than 30% in Half of States

By Patrick Hauf

Parents Fight Pornographic Sex-Ed Policy for Sixth-Graders

By Todd Starnes

New Genetic Discovery Turns 'Settled' Evolution Science on Its Head

By Benjamin Arie

Justify's Jockey Praises 'His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ' After Horse Wins the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown

By Steve Warren

UK Hospital Bans Bedside Bibles After Receiving Complaint

By Emily Jones

Women's March Founder: Israel's Creation A Human Rights Crime

By Jeff Dunetz

Vatican rejects "chosen people" claim, calls on Israel to end "occupation"

By Jews News

Shin Bet Arrests Terror Cell Planning to Assassinate PM Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor

By CBN News


By Reuters

More Americans Evacuated from China After Diplomat Suffers Brain Injury

By Frances Martel

Gazan kites spark fires in south, Jewish National Fund to sue Hamas

By Tamara Zieve

Indiana teacher forced to resign over school's transgender policy

Lisa Bourne

Candidate for Congress wants to legalize incest

By Peggy Fox

Megachurch Minister Claims It's 'Insanity' to Believe Men Will Go to Hell for Rejecting Christ

By Heather Clark

Netanyahu says Iran's new uranium enrichment drive is aimed at destroying Israel


Israel's Netanyahu, France's Macron disagree over Iran deal


Troubling US Navy review finds widespread shortfalls in basic seamanship

By David B. Larter

Israeli flag made of cookies in Atlanta breaks Guinness record


Four barrages of mortars fired at southern Israel from Gaza Strip

By Staff