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Austin gay pastor apologizes for making up hoax, drops suit about cake with homophobic slur

By Kelly Riddell

Man sought after girl caught him recording her in Frisco Target changing room

By Tom Steele

Harvard Will Bar Members of Single-Gender Clubs From Leadership Positions

By Morgan Chalfant

Dozens of terrorism suspects among refugees who entered Germany

By Noah Barkin

Italy approves gay civil unions after long parliamentary battle

By Isla Binnie

11 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is Rapidly Deteriorating Even As The Stock Market Soars

By Michael Snyder

The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April

By Michael Snyder

London's Iconic Red Buses Declare 'Glory to Allah'.

By Raheem Kassam and Oliver Lane

Politico: Obama Will Push Transgender, 'Gender Identity,' Rules on all K-12 Schools

By Neil Munro

Iran Announces New Test of Ballistic Missile With Range That Can Reach Israel.

By Sharona Schwartz

London elects Sadiq Khan, first Muslim mayor, after ugly campaign

By Tim Hume

Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: 'Transgendered Men Don't Become Women,' They Become 'Feminized Men,' 'Impersonators'

By Michael W. Chapman

Dutch Government Orders 15 Million Pills Amid Fears of Nuclear Accident.

By Chris Summers

New York Court Rules There is No Right to Assisted Suicide

'Brexit' could trigger World War Three, warns David Cameron

By Ben Glaze, Dan Bloom

Alabama's top judge is suspended, and may lose job, after blocking gay marriage

By Niraj Chokshi

The U.S. Economy Officially Joins The Global Economic Slowdown 1st Quarter GDP Comes In At 0.5%

By Michael Snyder

University to Campus Club: Want to Talk About Jesus? You'll Need a Permit

By Todd Starnes

New England ISIS Suspect Tried to Organize Beheadings of Non believers While Behind Bars.

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline

Your Son Living As A 'Girl' At School? Not Your Business.

By Greg Corombos

At Least 8 Children Dead As Christian Neighborhoods Attacked in Aleppo.

By Carey Lodge

Oregon Bakers Aaron & Melissa Klein Continue to Fight For Their Faith, And Right To Say No.

By Bob Eschliman

Obama Administration Fails To Screen Syrian Refugee's Social Media Accounts.

By Stephen Dinan

Venezuela Introduces 2 Day Work Week To Deal With Energy Crisis.

By BBC News

IDF Confirms Hamas 'Partnering' With ISIS in Sinai.

By Hana Levi Julian

Chinese President Warning Against Spread of Christianity

By Matthew Miller/Reuters

Spanish scientists use skin cells to create human sperm

By Agence France-Presse

Satanists Interrupt Pro-Life Protest Dressed as Babies

By Kate Scanlon

Target Finally Responds to Massive Boycott and You Won't Believe What They Said

By Jessilyn Justice

Univ. denies student degree over same-sex stance

By Michael F. Haverluck

In 1 Out Of Every 5 American Families, Nobody Has A Job

By Michael Snyder

France Snubbed Israel's Offer of Advanced Counter Terror Technology.

By Hana Levi Julian

China Confirms It Tested an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Amid South China Sea Dispute.

By Jonah Bennett

Europe 'to have more Muslims than Christians': Belgian minister warns Brussels attacks hearing that the continent should not 'make an enemy of Islam'

By John Stevens In Brussels and Steve Doughty In London For The Daily Mail

More than 700,000 boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy

By Hadley Malcolm

Rutgers University backs down removes Jesus dartboard


How police took $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage and a church

By Christopher Ingraham

Obama: North Carolina, Mississippi laws limiting LGBT protections are 'wrong' and 'should be overturned'

By Juliet Eilperin

Jerusalem bus bombing wounds 21 Israelis

By Joe Dyke

Norway's State Church Votes In Favor of Same Sex Marriage.

By The Associated Press

Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It's 2008 All Over Again

By Michael Snyder

US Is No Longer Top Country To Achieve The American Dream.

By Ali Meyer

Some Soldiers Up in Arms After Officials Remove Cross From U.S. Military Chapel in Afghanistan

By Billy Hallowell

Iran: We Will Defend Muslim Nations Against Terrorism and Israel

By Adelle Nazarian

UK Labour councillor suspended over claims she called Hitler 'the greatest man in history'

By Telegraph Reporters

Planned Parenthood: Ted Cruz is 'the biggest threat we face'

By Claire Chretien

Israel slams UNESCO members for 'erasing' Jewish ties to Jerusalem

By Times of Israel staff

Russia warns U.S. over naval incident as NATO tensions laid bare

By Robin Emmott

Federal Court: Schools May Not Provide Separate Bathrooms Based on Biology

By Ryan T. Anderson

'Clear and present threat' of chemical attacks in Europ

By Arutz Sheva Staff