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"Rabbi Cahn describes the “Eight Harbingers of Judgment” experienced by Israel and their uncanny parallels to the events of September 11, 2001: his insights are prodigious, overwhelming and foreboding. The consequences that would befall the nation that would not hear the Watchman after experiencing the prior warning which would be a shadow of the cataclysm to come." Bill Somers   More...


Hundreds of Kenyan pastors to Obama: Stop preaching homosexuality

By Michael F. Haverluck

Parents furious over school’s plan to teach gender spectrum, fluidity

By Todd Starnes

Greek town wants Star of David off Holocaust Memorial


Islamic State overtakes Iraqi city of Ramadi


Push to Court Martial General for mentioning God

By WND Faith

Louisiana religious liberty bill goes down in defeat as Republicans side with LGBT activists

By Todd Starnes

​Netanyahu vows Jerusalem shall "never again be divided."

By Lea Speyer


By Greg Corombos

Un rabino reprocha a Obama que burle la ley de Dios tras jurar sobre la Biblia ¡y proclama a Jesús!

Pastor, more than 70 Christians killed in Plateau state, Nigeria

By Morning Star News' Nigeria Correspondent

Saudi's to warn Obama they will match Iran's nuke building

By Times of Israel Staff and AP

Pastor Saeed praying for revival in America

By Eddie Hyatt

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty. (Day before Israel Independence Day)

By Nicole Winfield

Groom Arrested on Wedding Day for Praying at Temple Mount

By Reut Hadar & Cynthia Blank

Texas Lawmakers Prepare To Defy Supreme Court On Gay Marriage

By Tierney Sneed

Holland Cuts Shoah Survivor's Pension for Living in 'West Bank'

By Cynthia Blank

In blow to Obama, Saudi King & other leaders to skip Gulf Summit


214 of the 234 freed Boko Haram captives, pregnant, used as sex slaves

By Michael F. Haverluck

If the Supreme Court Imposes Same Sex Marriage, You Could Lose Your Church

By John Zmirak

WATCH: Jonathan Cahn Reveals Mystery of the Dark Angel

By Jessilyn Justice

Over 6 Million People Hear Jonathan Cahn's Warning to Supreme Court

By Jessilyn Justice


By Leo Hohmann

Roy Exum: Rabbi Cahn’s Harbinger

By Roy Exum

Amid Jonathan Cahn's Prophetic Warnings, Intercessors Do This

By Jennifer LeClaire

Warning from 'America's prophet' goes global

By WND Faith

Christian girl given zeroes for her beliefs

By Bob Unruh

​New transgender titled 'mx' added to official UK documents

By Nick Hallett

​Former lesbian to President Obama: Why won't you listen to the voices of ex-homosexuals that Jesus has set free?

By Janet Boynes

Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue?

By Stephen Evans

Judge: Rowan leaders must stop Christian prayers at meetings

By Associated Press

Georgia city to remove Christian flag flying over city hall

By Associated Press

Threat of ‘full-blown’ European crisis looms large, warns economist

By Luca Rossi

ISIS execute ten doctors after they refused to treat wounded members of the terror group in Iraq

By John Hall and Robert Verkaik

Texas officer saved lives in shooting outside Muhammad cartoon contest, police say


ISIS militants execute 600 Yezidis in Northern Iraq

By ARA News

House Votes to block DC's new pro-abortion/anti-discrimination law

By Randy DeSoto

Louisiana School Restores 'In God We Trust' Sign After Huge Rally By Students

By Fox News Insider

US City passes law to send pastors to jail for not marrying gays

By Wilmot Proviso

Radical Threat: Federal government to force Christian schools across nation to close doors

By Joe Carter

Thousands flock to Revive Indiana Prayer

By Maria Catanzarite

Obama blocks Iraqi nun from describing Christian persecution

By Leo Hohmann

ISIS Supporters Claim Terror Group Has Spread to Rome

By Fox News Insider: Happening Now

Oklahoma House Approves Abortion Wait Time Bill


Shiite Cleric Threatens U.S. Over GOP Proposal to Arm Kurds, Sunnis in Iraq

By Edwin Mora

Indiana Becomes Second State to Ban Boycott Israel Group


Jonathan Cahn Says This Is the Only Way to Save America From Hell

By Charisma News

Los Angeles Airport Security Boosted Amid Possible ISIS Threat

By Jonathan Dienst, Andrew Blankstein and Richard Esposito

Lesbian Couple Accuses Christian Bakers of ‘Mental Rape,’ Awarded $135,000

By Thomas D. Williams, PH.D.

Chinese persecution of Christians reaches highest level in a decade

By Daniel Wiser

Nepal earthquake: Death toll passes 4,600 as rescuers face challenges

By Ivan Watson, Jethro Mullen and Laura Smith-Spark