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By Daniel K. Eisenbud

Australia: Bondi synagogue ban over terrorism risk leaves Jewish community shocked and furious

By Joe Hildebrand

Nearly 100 Evangelical Leaders Met With White House Staff for 'Listening Sessions' Last Week

By Samuel Smith

Fewer Americans Are Getting Married as Many Millennials Postpone Nuptials Indefinitely

By Anugrah Kumar

Christian Hospital Worker Punished for Sharing Faith Loses Again in Court

By Samuel Smith

Coast Guard commander to defy Trump’s military transgender ban

By Doug Mainwaring

Pastor Celebrates Pride With Festivities That Include a Trans Priest

By Christian Concern

'Leave Chinese land or face war': China MoD official warns India amid border standoff

By Reuters

Muslim family says McDonald's employees deliberately hid bacon in McChicken sandwiches

By Fox News

China tests missiles during the weekend, US officials say

By Lucas Tomlinson

Israelis March Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of Third Temple

By Israel Today Staff

God 'Banned' From Upcoming Star Trek Series

By CBN News

Angry Trump says Russia ties at 'very dangerous low'

By Andrew Beatty

North Korea threatens US with more 'unexpected gift packages' after missile test

By Katherine Lam

Atheists 'appalled' by White House Bible study

By Bradford Richardson

Ethical concerns over dawn of the designer baby: Campaigners warn breakthrough that removed faulty DNA could lead to creation of 'superior' children with genes modified to improve appearance or intelligence

By Victoria Allen

Northwestern University Announces Opening of Gender-Neutral, Multi-Stall Restroom

By Garrett Haley

At this Indiana library story hour, drag queens read to kids

By Todd Starnes

Chris Christie Signs Bill Allowing Transgender Students to Use Restrooms, Locker Rooms of Their Choice

By Stoyan Zaimov

U.K. gov't demands 'queer theology' in seminaries

By Bob Unruh

China warns India not to 'push its luck' amid border stand-off in Himalayas

By Reuters

Satanic Temple Founder Says Over Half of Members Could Be LGBTQ

By Stoyan Zaimov

Sweden to hold 'biggest military exercise in decades' with NATO amid 'fears over Russia'

By Reuters

Minnesota Adopts 'Transgender Toolkit' for Teachers

By Fox News

WATCH: California Imam calls on Allah to annihilate Jews

By Jerusalem Post

Chipping Employees: Wisconsin Company Is First in US to Give it a Go

By CBN News

Hawaii seeks to prepare residents for threat of nuclear missile strike from North Korea

By HNN Staff

Israel removes Temple Mount metal detectors that enraged the Muslim world

By Jerusalem Post, Reuters

Roomba maker may share maps of users' homes with Google, Amazon or Apple

By Alex Hern

Internet Safety Group Says 'Teen Vogue Must Stop Promoting Sexual Activity to Youth'

By CBN News

ISIS' 'Genocide' of Christians References Removed From State Dept. Documents

By Samuel Smith

Trump administration, intervening in major LGBT case, says job bias law does not cover sexual orientation

By Fred Barbash

Pastor Forced to Move After Receiving Threats for Opposing Facebook's Rainbow Flag Emoji

By Samuel Smith

Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life's blueprint

By Malcolm Ritter

Experts uncover evidence of ancient Jerusalem's destruction by the Babylonians

By Fox News

Conservatives praise Trump for transgender military ban

By Todd Starnes

North Korea firing squad carries out public executions in school yards, report says

By Katharine Lam

'Against the Girls He Easily Came in First': Trans Sprinter Wins Girls Track Meet

By CBN News

Canadian government official says abortion is ‘only a tool to end poverty’

By Tre-Goins Phillips

WHO warns of imminent spread of untreatable superbug gonorrhoea

By Kate Kelland

Dying Middle Class: The Number Of Americans That Can’t Afford Their Own Homes Has More Than Doubled

By Michael Snyder

Visa Will Be Giving Up To $500,000 To Restaurants That Go '100% Cashless'

By Michael Snyder

LGBTQ Activists Double Down to Fight Trump's 'Hateful Policies'

By Heather Sells

Bench That Features 'God' Quote From Pennsylvania’s Founder Relocated Following Atheist Complaint

By Heather Clark

U.S. plans to test THAAD missile defenses as North Korea tensions mount

By Phil Stewart

Sears to close 43 more stores to cut costs

By Reuters

Pure Flix Gives $25,000 to Rebuild Ten Commandments Monument Destroyed in Arkansas

By Anugrah Kumar

US Army Tells Female Soldiers to 'Accept' Having Naked Men in Their Showers

By Samuel Smith

LGBT 'Acceptance Panel' on Transgenderism, Gender Identity to Be Hosted at Virginia Public Schools

By Stoyan Zaimov