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Now You Can Go Deeper Into the Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America's Future and Yours 

The New York Times best seller The Harbinger now has an indispensable companion that will enable you to go deeper into the prophetic revelations and decode the mysteries that have caused a stir throughout the nation. The Harbinger Companion With Study Guide includes a full study guide, special bonus features, articles, maps, illustrations, photographs of the actual harbingers, and more!

The Harbinger Companion With Study Guide includes such special features as:

  • Teachings, insights, and revelations into each of mysteries in The Harbinger
  • Photographs of each of the Nine Harbingers and illustrations of each mystery
  • The supernatural story behind The Harbinger (and the mysterious man in the airport)
  • A thirteen-week study guide for group, class, church, or individual study with:
    • Detailed teaching – with the biblical and historical context and background
    • Exploration – in-depth study questions for individuals, groups, or churches
    • Application – that can change your life and your world
  • The mystery of the seals (and the actual real "Seal Behind the Seals")
  • A guided walking tour of the actual harbingers (with maps and locations)
  • The most often asked questions surrounding The Harbinger, including:
    • Who is the prophet? (the identity of the book’s most mysterious figure)
    • Who is Nouriel?
    • Who is Jonathan Cahn?
    • Where is America in end-time prophecy?
    • What does the future hold?

In The Harbinger Jonathan Cahn sounded the alarm with a prophetic wake-up call for America, the world, and the future. With this powerful companion guide you won't miss any of the mysteries it reveals!.

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